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When the Plan Changes


One of my best friends, Meghan (of CakenKnife fame) wrote this post for MsMorphosis back at the end of this past July, right as she was going through her divorce. Meghan and I went to high school together, but our

An Ode to the 26th Year in Lessons & Pictures


Disclaimer: this is not an ode at all. I don’t really even know how to write an ode. I do know though that I haven’t blogged in some time, and for years I’ve done a birthday post and I don’t

Curing PMS & Living the Dream

Winter Park Run

I have been debating writing this post all day. I’ve been noticeably absent from my blogging life; there’s something about a steady relationship and a grownup job that just makes you feel like you need to stop telling the world

Food & Wine Pairing 101

Food and wine 101

This is a guest post from someone who actually knows something about wine. The only thing I know about wine is how to drink it. Generally I pick wine very strategically: if I want to get drunk I drink red

5 Ways to Cope with Leaving Your Job


As you may or may not know by now, I left my grown-up, stable income, job-I-was-great-at about 3 months ago. The nitty gritty details of why I left obviously aren’t appropriate for me to put on the Internet, but I

How to Run Your First 100 Miles

learning how to run

I decided to start running in January. Any way you slice it, I’m not a runner. I have wide hips and short legs (attractive, huh?) and my stomach has always been miserable and cramped and uncomfortable whenever I tried anything