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7 Warning Signs You’re Dating a Sociopath

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Sociopaths, psychopaths, and antisocial personality disorder: for our purposes here, the words can all be used interchangeably. Yesterday I listened to a fascinating interview with Dr. Martha Stout, psychologist and bestselling author of The Sociopath Next Door: The Ruthless versus the Rest of Us, as she explained how prevalent sociopathy is and what it’s implications are for the rest of society. Her research resulted in the estimate that a staggering 4% of the population, or 1 in 25, is a sociopath – a number that has been criticized by her peers as, shockingly, being too low.

So what exactly is a sociopath, you ask? A sociopath is a person that is physically unable to process emotion. Neurological studies indicate that sociopaths have the same physiological responses to words like “love” or “murder” as they do to words like “lamp” or “chair.” This disabled emotional processing leads to a lack of conscience and empathy – without being able to internalize or conceptualize emotional pain, they lack the yardstick healthy people rely on to identify with one another or create the feelings of guilt that inevitably arise when we hurt another human being. As a result, a sociopath’s motives to fulfillment become focused on control and power rather than love and deep interpersonal connection. When a sociopathic individual is born with above average intelligence, this can be incredibly dangerous.

Once we develop a basic understanding of the sociopathic personality and motives, it is easy to understand how romantic relationships can be an easy target for their manipulation and control. As Sigmund Freud so beautifully said, “we are never so vulnerable as when we love.” Unfortunately, it’s that vulnerability that – when compounded with a conscience-less, power-seeking individual – makes us perfect targets to fuel their manipulative, control-seeking, parasitic lifestyles.

So, without further ado, here are 7 surprising warning signs that you’re dating a sociopath.

1. Chronic Addictions

Not all addicts are sociopaths, but a majority of sociopaths are addicts. In fact, studies estimate that up to 70% of sociopaths struggle with drug and/or alcohol addictions, the theory being that they use these substances to overcome the boredom they feel from living without any emotional life (and the highs and lows that inevitably come with it).

2. Constantly Evoking your Pity (the victim mentality)

Sociopaths are masters at evading responsibility. They are often also incredible actors (you would be too if you had to fake every “emotion” you felt your whole life).  As a result, they are going to be able to work your pity button at every turn. This is a great tactic that they use to cover up their inconsistent stories (#3), explain their lack of friends and social connections (#4), and milk you for all you’re worth. They’ll appeal to your sympathy with stories of their abusive childhood or financial problems that “aren’t their fault.” Why? Because they like control, and they like to get stuff, and let’s get real- they really don’t care about you. They just aren’t capable of it.

3. Lies & Gaps in Their Stories

Inauthentic people that lead parasitic lifestyles are bound to have gaps and inconsistencies in their life narrative. They aren’t going to tell you that they lived with their ex-girlfriend for three years, not paying rent and being emotionally abusive and then left when she started demanding that they contribute – are they?

4. Lack of Friends and Social Connections

It’s hard to maintain longterm relationships without emotional connections. In fact, it’s relatively impossible – especially when you have a tendency to manipulate, dominate, and control with a lifetime of self-serving behaviors. Warning, though: They’ll use the pity card to explain why they have so few people that care about them and so few emotional ties, it won’t ever be “their fault.” Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

 5. Sexual Magnetism

Some theories suggest that sociopathy can be rooted in excess testosterone in the blood stream during development. This excess testosterone can also play a role in traditionally attractive male features and, in theory, increase their sexual desirability.

 6. Charismatic

Sociopaths make a life out of studying how to control and dominate other people. One of the things that can be easily learned, especially without emotions getting involved and muddying things up, is the art of being attractive and charming. Mastering this is step one to getting the world to fall in love with them and under their thumb – so you better believe this is exactly where they’ll start.

7. Exciting Lives

There’s often an aspect of wanderlust to the sociopath’s life. Since they don’t develop deep emotional roots and often rely on their parasitic lifestyle (hopping from one ripe donor to the next), it’s easy for them to move around from one place to another, constantly seeking another round of stimulation and challenges. To the healthy woman that is tired of going on first dates with “boring” and typical men, this can seem like a dream man – filled with goals, travel, and stories to tell. Unfortunately, no matter how long the relationship lasts, it’s hard to accept that he will eventually move on to the next adventure – without you, and with all of the love, money, and time that he took from you.

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128 Responses to 7 Warning Signs You’re Dating a Sociopath

  1. Richard says:

    Interesting but also sad (dangerous?) that, as with most discussions on domestic violence, little attention is given to women who are violent. And, more directly relevant to the above, highly manipulative, dishonest, etc., etc. Being one of the male victims, I have done quite a bit of research on the matter since realising. My observations lead me to believe that only when you are emotionally imprisoned, for want of a better expression, does the real personality of the sociopath shine through. It is really hard to defend against them. As one very informed friend has told me many times, you are wasting your time trying to have a sensible conversation with an abusive personality. That also applies to any children.
    My final conclusion is that all marriages should be a 5-year contract, renewable if both parties are still happy. “Only” 5% of the population is still a hell of a lot of sociopaths.

    • Mike says:

      Richard is right on the button, it’s not just males, but sociopathy is applicable to both genders (as it is to all races/ethnicities and age groups.) It’s a personality disorder.

      This is a great blog, but the author does refer to examples in the male when probably, “he/she” would have been a bit more encompassing (and fair.)

      And yes, I am a (heterosexual) male who dated a female sociopath. (Well, I hope I’ve learned from it.) :-(

    • NotAVictimAnymore says:

      Good point!

      I was also taken in by a female sociopath who I really believed loved me. It really was confusing since your behavior was so contradictory and I couldn’t believe how she would literally lie and contradict yourself in the same exact sentence!

      Every trait that is associated with most male sociopaths fit this female sociopath perfectly.

      She tried to call me recently but I blocked her but it still hurts.

      Reading posts and sites like this about individuals who exhibit this disorder however has helped me deal with the pain and has also helped me to stay away from her.

      But yes, sociopathy is not dominated by one gender any more than it is dominated buy one is this city or any other grouping it is a condition that exists from individual to individual and any group and any gender.

      • CrazyCaine says:

        Yea I too am a male survivor of a female narc socio BPD. She portrays as such an awesome, charming, funny woman in public whenever we’d go out with our friends or hosted parties. Once we were alone, behind closed doors, is when I’d see the depressed, truly chaotic personality reveal itself. I now know it was because she was frustrated over how she was going to get attention that day.

        Let me tell you, everything was “fine” while I continued to ignore the red flags, allowing her to push my boundaries further and further until she crossed and destroyed them. She made the rules and always broke them, while keeping me in check as her most convenient source, while having secondary sources all along.

        While I remained confused, wondering what the hell was happening, and off balance, asking myself in the shower or in my car, why she was treating me like this, she enjoyed having me support her, spoil her, and provide for her all while she was enjoying multiple extramarital affairs behind my back.

        Once I finally mustered the strength to stand up to her and not back down, letting her know that I know that I don’t believe her stupid lies and excuses, that’s when all hell broke loose. I demanded honest answers, explanations, and apologies to inappropriate behavior. When I caught her cheating she turned it on me and told me that I am accusing her of cheating because I’m cheating. Yea, never had she accused me of that before; all of a sudden I’m the scumbag.

        I remained firm and told her, “go ahead, throw shit, I don’t care, I’m not afraid anymore”, and she resorted to physical abuse. My lovely wife, the woman whom I sacrificed for, comforted, and supported began to put her hands on me. That’s when I began researching and connecting the dots.

        The childish tantrums she’d throw while doing something simple as playing cards, or discussing where we wanted to go for drinks, or deciding what show to watch, etc. I began to finally put the puzzle pieces together, connecting everything, including the hurtful words she’d say during arguments that she’d start out of thin air, even after a lovely evening, throwing everything about me and my family in my face, and the withdrawing of sex and affection for a few days or weeks, while going back to lovely affectionate partner I had fell in love with as if nothing happened, to the sneaking behind my back with her co-workers’ boyfriends or husbands, etc. The list goes on and on.

        I have now filed for divorce, and am casually seeing other women, but am feeling devastated still as she has moved on months ago with someone else, and has blame-shifted and smeared me, leaving me to sometimes ask myself if I was at fault. I snap out of it moments later after remembering the horrible things she has put me through over the last 13 years; it’s repulsive. I remind myself that no matter how much of a dirtball I may have been before my relationship with this woman, I would have never done to her, the things she had done to me, because I was raised believing in certain values; undeniable truths, and I realize that there are no limits as to what she would do to hurt me.

        Please provide more encouragement as I continue to work on my self-esteem and my fear of abandonment, that way I will never allow another woman to cross my boundaries, while managing down my expectations, and down playing her inappropriate behavior.

  2. LL says:

    I only wish I had known anything about this peronsality disorder long ago. I am now left with none of my retirement money, alone and trying to figure out what on earth just happened. I have had to begin therapy just to try and mend my own self-worth and understand that my ex who easily picked up and left and moved on does not think like a normal person…nor does he think like me. Man…all of this is him….very charming. I had no problems making a commitment to him and making up monetarily for a salary he didn’t have….maybe worked 4 months out of 2 years. I was blindsided. I made the mistake of questioning him about something and all hell broke loose. When arguing, he wouldn’t/couldn’t look at me in the face. When I would cry about something, I was told I was “unattractive,” and couldn’t feel anything for me when I cried. Problem is….there were good times and I completely fell for him. Nothing was ever his fault…ever. I mean that. I was the cause of any type of problem in some way. All I can say is that it has only been a short amount of time, and I am left brokenhearted…and left without much while he moves on to the next victims…’s going to take awhile to get over this, especially since there is no explanation for the sociopath and he will never feel sorry for any of this.

    • Kathy says:

      I am reading and discovering many sites this evening. I just saw your message and so many others. I have gone through almost the exact same scenario as you..I am 55 now living with my father who also has had absolutely no compassion.

      As the counselors say, we are conditioned to find those things familiar. I would guess that explains some of this. Anyway my heart goes to you.

      Take care. I have discovered bike riding again. My father lives near the beach in the South. The bike has been quite a stress reliever.

      • Kathleen says:

        Exactly same for me Kathy. I didn’t know what a sociopath was. I wasn’t thinking of an abnormal person. I gave all my retirement money, then he left, but blamed me. If I try to tell family they just say I should have known soon after we met. I was vulnerable, in love. He used to give me signs. He never, ever cried – just got really angry. He can’t remember crying ever. He gambled my money, was a drug addict, lots of alcohol everyday, nomadic lifestyle. As soon as he left, he moved onto another – for money. She wrote a letter to me complaining about him stealing her money! I feel stupid, now on benefits. Unfortunately I married him. He’s reduced me to benefits. I’m 62 on a small state pension + pension credit. He’s only 53 ‘looking for work’ and talking of trying to get more from me in maintenance. I’ve never know him go to work. He lived off my savings for 6 years. As soon as I had to tell him my savings were gone, he became aggressive and started the dating site thing, looking for another victim. I wish I could get an annulment, never mind a divorce.

        • Christopher T says:

          it’s tough to read this sometimes because the majority of things written or regarding men or mail server sociopath. fresh dumped it of 6 months of who I thought was my Soul mate. They tend to make the relationship ship seem like something out of the ordinary an extra spectacular cleaning that you as individual are the only person I’ve ever loved and the only person that could please them in the bed and so on and so forth. they also turn things around so I was being constantly told that I was all about myself and I like emotional and I was cheating in this and that and there is absolutely no reason for this individual to think that. but I agree to some point that certain people attract these predators and I happen to be one of them almost every single girl friend of mine has been a sociopath and I am so codependent and get so worked every single time I am so depressed right now it’s disgusting keep thinking in my head that someone just did a spell on them or who knows what excuse I have for their behaviour in my head as to why I’m in love with this person. I just wish I could find someone who could love me as equally as I love them and I am a lover boy. thank you.

      • Dorothy Castaneda says:

        I too fell victim to a sociapath, I was in a lond distancerelation ship for 3 1/2 years . I have 3 autistic children and I tried to make my schedual work all around so I would have 4 hours every evening for my guy. Everything was fine but in thelast year he started demanding I do things in my life and to whip my autistic children with a belt, or slap their faces when they acted out.He was angry because I wouldnt do as he said. I would sit on the phone day after day and listen to him complain about everyone and everything. He seemed to always be feeling like he was being wronged by his only friend, his family, the government, he didnt work , he collected 700.00 a month on SSI Disability. He made up outrageous stories, and I caught him an alot of lies. He could be very nice when he wanted to. 2 weeks ago he called me, said he wasn’t feeling well and that he loved me and would call me in the morning. That was the last time I heard from him. His family said he packed up his things and left, said he was going to start a new life. I kept caling him trying to make sense of this, whenhe finally answered his phone, he hung up on me, and had his number changed. I am shocked, this came out of nowhere, and he didin’t even tell me why he was doing this to me after all the years we were involved. I am severley depressed thanks to him. I served his purpose, I was there to listen to all his woes, and now he does not need me anymore, cut out of his life without even having the decency to say why. I just hope his next victim catches on sooner before he breaks her mentally and emotionally.

    • heather says:

      I am reading all the stories from all the experiences…..
      I am connvinced I dated a sociopath for 4 years.
      He was abusive. And sorry after. I had him arrested many times, and yet his pleading to take him back woed me to do so.
      I finally found he had cheated on me. I confronted him and threw him out…
      But after a month.. he contacted me and we started seeing each other again, going out, a full relationship.
      I told his new girlfriend….. she told me I was lying…

      Eventually I met with him to tell him “no more”…. of course everthing was about how much he loved me etc etc, and it wasnt going to work out with “her”

      I recorded the conversation and send it to her. She responded and broke up with him for a whole 2 days!!
      That night I discovered that my daughters car had been stolen. It was him!!! He was arrested and now it is going through the court with all the evidence from police.
      Is this a sociapath? Or just a controlling abusive person?

      Why stay with me and see me at the risk of his new relationship?

      I just dont get it. Im hoping you guys could offer some advice….

      • Kimberly says:

        I have MUCH experience with not one, but TWO sociopaths. You’d think I’d have learned after the first one. Anyway, one thing I noticed with both of them was that they were very distructive in nature not only to my life and the lives of my children, but their own lives as well. The one thing that meant more to them than power and control over their own lives was power and control over mine and my emotions. They enjoy this. BE CAREFUL.

      • Julie says:

        Yes, heather, you have found yourself a sociopath. I would just let him go and work on yourself. That is what I had to do. I felt outright stupid for believing my husband. But, because of his involvement in my life, I am a better person. I finally realized that I had some deep seated issues that this man seem to fit into. Alot from childhood upbringing, abusive parents. My dad was a narcissistic personality. I have been looking all my life for my dad’s love and approval. This man was so much like my dad, but kind and loving to me. Wow, I found what I had been looking for, yeah, it was a deception and lie. I felt totally humiliated. I told this man I may be naive, but not stupid. So, life has to go on, leave this man behind, just be thankful that you are better off without him. Love yourself, seek guidance and understanding. Forgive him, forgive yourself.

    • Nicole says:

      The same thing happened to me, his name is icadon, a so called rapper that never worked a day in his life!
      he used me for everything, took all my money, got me pregnant, denied our baby. He never took responsibility for the baby and he just went around telling people it was not his, it was devistating! When I cried he did not feel bad for me, he told me my tears were fake!He left me in New York, and went to Denver for weeks and then went to Texas! My mother even calle him and he denied the baby to her also! He is addicted to heroin and cocaine, and mollys! He preys on woman in the entertainment world. He choked me several times, and through out all this evilness I lost my house In New York. I had to move back in with my parents, its so embarassing he left me with nothing and all I did was try to be there for him, he stole my computer and then sold it on craigslist while he was in Texas. I need to let people know that there are users and con artists out here and ICADON IS ONE OF THEM ! Please know that he is sick and is a sociopath as well as a narcsissist. I pray for him everyday to get well, the pain he caused me was so terrible, I am learning to forgive, but I wanted to let people know so that they dont feel alone, there is bad people out here so be careful

  3. Single Parent says:

    All these stories are so interesting. I have encountered stories very similar, but sadly another dynamic is that I am a single mother and my son was also exposed, victimized and manipulated by this tyrannical person. Not only did he steal from me, lie to me, and emotionally oppress me, he did these things discretly to my son. The indivuidual that I found myself being in love with was cunning and parasitic, but also grandios and self seeking in the fullest extent. He could easily be a cult leader. He stole my credit cards, stole my son’s money and toys, belittled my womanhood and all in the same sentence stated that he didn’t do these things because of anything he was attached to but because of myself and my son (who is 9) hurting him. How is that when we gave and gave and accepted his craziness because we wanted him at some point in his life to be accepted and loved. We are loving people and made an effort to get to know him mental, physical and emotional; however based on recent research I learn that this made him contemptuous towards myself but also my 9 year old. Who does wrong to a child… oh it is the sociopath. Who can steal from a mother simply trying to make ends meet… oh it is the sociopath. The more that I learn and read how common these interactions can be I begin to have healing within myself, because I finally understand that it was not me. It was him, and he manipulated me and made every moment that he calculated a living hell for me. Thank God that I have a mind to push forward and love my son so much that he will not have long term impacts (I have faith), but also for a spirit within to make me question. It takes time, research and new interest (not always love)to move forward and win your life back.

    • grace says:

      You are right! We loved and gave but to no avail because it is non-reciprocal, taken advantage of and taken for granted!

      It hurts badly and deeply yet there is a need to terminate the r/s for your own sanity and well-being.

      It is so true! sociopaths can be cult leaders… somehow i believed they are in the occult themselves… evil darkness and they could have sold their souls to the devil…pledging their allegiance to the evil one!

      Whatever it is, be wary of their destructive ways… go for some counseling and therapy to regain your self-esteem and self-worth… for them, all they are interested in is to move from one prey to another…to get sex and $$$, and to suck the life out of you…their hidden agenda and ulterior motive exposed over time … users and abusers … no conscience and remorse… just a abnormal human or rather an evil/wicked human!

      Their mind games and playing with your emotions cause you to be pulled back in to his bait and dirty tricks of superficial charm but since you are able to recognize and acknowledge that no matter how much you love him with actions, he will not change.

      Take heart, take courage and take good care of yourself… give your love to those who really need it and will respond to you in kind!

      • Denise Saad says:

        Grace, I was seeing a sociopath individual for four years. He came into my life with charm, acting like he loved and cared for me. He chased people away from me, didnt want me to have a relationship with people he knew. I know the reason why he didntt want this. He didnt want to be found out. He did everything for me in the beginning and as time went by, he lied constantly, sneaking around in my home, stealing from me, having me pick him up all hours of the night, taking my car, money and cell phone, never having an excuse that made any sence. I fell in love with a sociopath who did nothing but use me for what he could get. This is not the person i met in the beginning. His personality changes like night and day. He is without love and the emotions, that go with loving someone. When he lets me know that his life sucks and he is depressed I try to comfort him, if I should be hurting and depressed he shows no empathy at all, absolutely none.Its hard to stay away from someone you gave your heart to. I do know that I must let him go for my own sake. Thank you, Denise

      • Julie says:

        Grace, what wonderful insight. Yes, it is evil, demonic. My husband and I went to church and the pastor prayed for both of us. I cried, he cried. He told me that he felt electricity run through his body, which is the power of God. Yes, he felt something, but it did not change him. He moved out, I moved on. I have forgiven him, forgiven myself. I love me more now, take care of myself. Have better boundaries, say “no” more. I don’t feel guilty for not helping everyone. I have walked away from all unhealthy relationships. If I feel I am in any way being taken advantage of, I leave, no guilt involved. Everyone is responsible for themselves, to meet their own needs. I will no longer be a caretaker in a sick sense. I now look inward, receiving inner healing. I am a better person because of this relationship. I had no idea that I had holes needing to be filled deep within. Those are now being filled with love from God and acceptance from myself. It has been painful, but I feel like I am a blooming flower, showing my real inner beauty. I pray for this man, we all deserve at least that from one another.

    • christina ashley richards says:

      i m sitting here sobbing, i v been threw exactly the same he took all i had, robbed me of love, confidence and dignity, and now 9 months on im still trying to find my heart he stole away from me, he manipulated my family and children including taking my dads car lying and manipulating him into thinking he could fix his car, he knew a bit about cars but not three wheelers and he took away his pride and joy by destroying it bit by bit, a form of control an alibi for him to cheat while it was parked on his mates drive he used the car as the excuse to escape to cheat, i found out he cheated on me for three years whilst reeling me in and my kids in to his manipulitive charming ways, i can only say now i had a lucky escape he dragged me low as i could ever get, lying that he had no job and make me think he was working , i knew something wasnt rite two years into the relationship, and what made it worse i wasnt allowed to work or enjoy xmas and new year it had to be all about him he made a story up that he was really low on boxing day and new years day, he wrecked my home starting jobs not finishing them, making me need him another form of control, i met him in 2009 and was trainein in counselling certificate, i then wen on to do my diploma integritive counselling, he was that clever he supported me all the way threw, but some of the warning signs were already there ,consuming alcohol on weekends, and smoking a lot, but the worse warning sign was fantisies, i believe i was a victim of a narcissist and iv had a lucky escape god knows what he would of been cappable of if id of married him, i thought he was in love with me buti understand now it was afalse image of himself, he was and is incapable of loving anyone, just like a human vampire who dont think like a normal person should, no remorse just left me to pick up all the pieces no closure 4 6 weeks when i was finally picking meself back up and feeling alive again he tried to worm his charm again lying every step of the way about the affair he was having for the last 8 months, which i was oblivious i didnt have a clue, he was loving, caring woudnt of guessed it in a million years, im so glad he did leave, was heart breaking and still trying to find my heart, its taking time but iv recliamed my life , i got a job and a new boyfriend but heart s like ice iv changed gone hard on my emotions, but in time im hoping itl melt and be able to fall in love again with someone normal, and be happy like i deseve to be, please can you give me some feedback i need to know who else has been threw this, and what i can do to help my heart heal and let my boyfriend in, im training now to be a therapist iv done 9 hours and i intend to keep at it and one day be the therapist i set out to be, before he crushed me, iv turned my entire outlook on life around, im now positive, happy, and got independence back, im frigtned of letting it all go again and giving my heart away, iv hada lucky escape, please help me xxxxxx tina north wales wrexham

      • marie says:

        Ive found hypnosis REALLY helps. Look online for free sessions its wonderful

      • Mathias says:

        Yes I got involved with a woman, who played the friend card, took a substantial amount of money from me, and was always the victim who was never at fault.
        She wanted to eventually rip me from loved ones and move to the west coast totally for her. Instead I visited my family in Florida to bide time, making it the best decision I ever made, because if I fell into her trap it would have been the end of the end in all senses of the word. Red flares went up because she was rushing me and had intentions of me co-signing for housing and other loans. Now I hurt because, I lost a feigned friendship, and at the same time I feel violated with mass amounts of PTSD. I feel your pain and pray that time heals for all of us and that we never make the same mistakes no matter what level we relate to people.

        • Julie says:

          Mathias, I understand the PTSD, I had problems for a short amount of time once I broke up with my husband. I am so sorry that you were taken advantage of. Isn’t it sad what we think we have to do for love. I am now looking inward, fixing my own issues so that this does not happen to me again. Forgive her, forgive yourself. Just realize that you are a good man, good heart, just landed up with someone that took advantage of you. Now, I know that someone has to prove themselves to me. I am standing back and looking at who a person really is before I get involved, whether it is a man or woman friend. I would want someone to do that with me, I have nothing to hide, I can prove who and what I am over time. Healing will take time, but you are a better man because of the experience. At least you know that you can love again, she can’t. She is an empty shell, roaming, looking for purpose. She is tormented because she has no feelings, so because of that, she uses. How sad for these people. We can have empathy, but we do not have to be sucked in by their illness.

    • Shan says:

      Single Parent I can relate. I too am a single parent and man, when it was all over I found out things he would say or do to manipulate my kids. They were 15 and 19 at the time and he would offer to buy alcohol etc so when I would try to leave they would get mad at me! He was the “cool” boyfriend and I was overacting. God they had no idea ! He told me when we met he served in the army and went to Somalia and such horrible things he did and saw etc. so when the lies and abuse started I always felt bad for HIM! Cops would come, and he would be drunk and screaming and as soon as they touched him I would yell “stop stop”.. Etc… I don’t need to tell you the other stuff because we have all experienced the same behavior. Before I finally left, he would make me walk back and forth in front of him for hours pointing his gun mumbling “I should have shot that Somali ” or “you can be that target for me and I’ll be better”…. SICK!! It took a wonderful officer that had come to another call (go figure) to pull me aside and say “Shan, you know he’s going to kill you (believe it or not I didn’t even care anymore) but do not die for something he never did! ” I looked at him and he continued to tell me that he had never been in the army at all! To think I felt sorry for him because he had to hurt me.. Hmmmmmmmm
      Thanks for allowing me this outlet. I’ve never told this to anyone.

  4. as says:

    I am a single mother with an 8yr old son. We just experienced the same thing for nearly four years. I finally pushed for equal responsibility and she picked up and left without warning or notice two days ago. After reading many articles i now feel better. Im glad the universe did for me what i couldnt do for myself. Good riddance.

  5. [...] part of the human experience, the only people who never experience at least a bit of shame are sociopaths. We all question our presence, or wonder if we’re [...]

  6. Mark H says:

    I have always found Sociopaths and Psychopaths interesting to read about.

    I wasnt aware of the point about Charmisa. Wouldn’t Point .4 conflict with 5 and 6

    • M Carol says:

      In response Mark H: Jane Austin has a great example of “the Sociopath” in her book :”Pride and Prejudice”. George Wickem is superficially charming and the town falls in love with him and feels sorry for him regarding his poor childhood and how he was treated wrongly by Mr. Darcy.

      Mr. Darcy states, “Yes, Wickem makes friends easily, and loses them just as quickly.”

      The town learns of George Wickem’s numerous debts, gambling, seductions of rich girls, and inappropriate sexual escapades -each time he promises to marry the girl -then disappears. He tried to seduce Mr. Darcy’s sister in hope to acquire her inheritance; which is why Mr. Darcy avoids Wickem. Wickem portrays himself as the victim and never takes responsibility for what HE did to Mr. Darcy and his family.

      Sociopaths are out to use whom they befriend. Once that usefulness is gone (or the truth of their cold nature is discovered) the sociopath is gone. They feel no need to hold onto friendships for the sake of “friendship”.

      . . . That is why they have few friends -yet they easily make a great first impression and are the life of the party. Once they feel that the social circle is no longer of use, they leave.

      . . . They do not want to reveal that they have few friends, because his “freinds” are objects to use. Furthermore, he loses control if anyone learns his game and his true nature -so his views regarding “friends” and are concealed.

      . . . Lots of superficial “friendships” no true friendships.

    • MsMorphosis says:

      You can be as sexually charismatic as you want, but if you’re unreliable and emotionless you won’t be able to keep people in your life for long. Sexual magnetism and charisma are great for passionate, short relationships – things like integrity, loyalty, and true value are what makes us friends and family to people in this world.

      • Melissa says:

        I am recovering from a brush with a sociopath myself. He was a pathological liar, a user, selfish and irresponsible. I consider myself lucky that all I am left with is a bruised ego and a small debt because he was always too broke to pay for anything. He exploited my virtues, the fact that I was a caregiver and a social worker. He tried to pass himself off as a 9/11 victim and claimed he was chronically ill. As time went on I learned he had me in his sights fairly early on, even before I’d even noticed him. He is a predator in every sense. Sex with him was amazing, but it’s not worth everything I put at risk when I open my life up to him. Articles like this are very helpful in realizing our relationship falling apart was not my fault and he is a deeply, deeply disturbed individual who will never find true happiness with anyone.

      • grace says:

        So true indeed, they shortchange themselves of genuine, real and truthful, meaningful r/s and frenships!

    • Boobie says:

      Mine is definitely not charismatic or living exciting life. Dumber than a rock, I think is why he didn’t manager those 2 characteristics.but all the rest- in. And yes, jam suffering huge embaressment, shame, humiliation that I, an ardent feminist philosophically, socially, in business, I let this man threaten to kidnap our son and I would never see him again when i asked him for a divorce when pur son was3. Later, when our son was older and had memorized his address, phone #, etc, I again said I wanted a divorce and he threatened to take our son, tell him hared him because Iand never wanted him in my home again or to see him , to never call me and never try to see me. So, iI stayed right up until at age 14, our son started doing drugs. Overdosing, cutting himself. It took a while to find out about the drugs. In our state by age 15, parents have to right yo know or determine medical choices lime rehab, etc. we have no access to medical records. I quit my job, got unemployment and retirement, devoted my life to keepin him alive, getting help (he overdosed 5 times in a week of pills) much more to this. But after five years, he is better, safer. But like his father accepts no responsibility for his behavior and won’t work. His father did hold down cheap, low low income jobs, but bought a bankrupt co, never made any money in four years, never paid a bill, a I used all the $20k my father left me to keep the household going.i begged him to sell it and beta job. He refused. And I kept paying. He refused to cut his office managers pay to bring in a lousy $4an hour to help with bills. Finally, the management co where he leased space put a lock on the door. I paid for our home, cars, everything in th home. I was mom. Dad to call 4 kids-2 of mine from a former marriage, 1 from his former marriage and our son. I was the breadwinner, the cook, the maid. He never loved my girls, or even his own. When our son was born I asked he read a small book on being a good father to a son. Refused to,while boasting he read a great book on pirates! The money my father left me was for grad school. He managed to get it by not paying for his part of just a few bills he’d agreed to pay. I stupidly put all bills I my name because we lived inmy home that I’d bought before meeting him. By not paying his part, and of course not telling me, he trashed my credit as going to be trying to get oust if thus financial hole forever. Several years ago, in asked him to please get a life insurance policy I case he died. I had one for hipmand our son
      ,and he would by law, inherit 50% of what I had, includinG my home. For 2 years, he said he had bought it, then a discontinuation notice came from the insurance co. He hadn’t paid for it in 3 months. I blew up, and he said he just kept forgetting (funny, never forgot to go out to dinnerecery week) He then swore he paid the bill and it was reinstated. Swore 3times it was coming out if his account directly. I called the insurance company and found out he had been lying for a full year and never reinstated it.I finally saw what I should have seen THIRTY THREE YEARS AGO :A thief, liar, bum, con, who cared about notthing but his comfort and security.people were to be used to that end, even his own children. I am a fool, dumb, a loser too for not making him,move out the first day when I told him we would try living together as long as he still kept his apartment for 6 months, in case it didnt go well. (he dumped the apartment the day he moved in)

      • Julie says:

        I am so sorry Boobie. I understand totally how you feel. I hear your hurt and anger. Just remember that you are a very loving and caring woman for helping your son make it through his difficult stage. He is a blessed boy to have you for a mother.

  7. Ray says:

    agree with Richard, definitely not enough on these sites for males. currently trying to understand this. @ the point where i’m not sure if it applies to my x gf/not. i feel like something’s just not right. but i’ve been told for so long it’s me that i don’t know up from down anymore. she has no empathy. thats the only thing i’m sure of. dont know if shes a sociopath. don’t even know if i can face that. i feel like i’m breaking

    • MsMorphosis says:

      I think, above all, don’t be with someone that doesn’t have empathy – sociopath or not. You deserve more than that.

    • Laura's Freelance says:

      She might have asberger (sp).

    • Julie says:

      If you feel something is not right, there is probably a problem. If you feel like you are going crazy, that nothing seems to fit or make sense, I would move on and get yourself healthy. There is nothing wrong with going to therapy to find out what it is within you that is needing this type of person. For me, it was an abusive childhood, always looking for my dad’s love and approval. You will probably have to work through the loneliness, but otherwise, if you walk away now, you will save yourself from pain and humilation.

  8. Heather says:

    I am still recovering from a long-distance relationship with a man I think was a sociopath. So many extreme reactions, also told I was unattractive when I cried because he said he just “didn’t love me” (the day after he told me he’d loved me and sent me a card expressing this, etc.) He yelled at me and called me selfish for crying over this. I began to think being human was abnormal. The worst part is that you absorb their belief system–ugh. It’s like they become part of your DNA. It was also never “over”–no closure. Even though he has a new target now, she has “issues” and he indicates he’ll be with me as soon as x, y and z is complete (the same thing he said a year ago). These people are living in their own reality system and they’ll make you feel like you’re the one who’s crazy. And some of the things you did while you were with them were crazy but they drove you to it;). You wouldn’t have done them with anyone else.

  9. G says:

    I’m sitting here in shock, every one of these boxes is ticked for me, yet it wasn’t at the time.

    I’ve just found out about countless lies and deceit, after promises of commitment, unconditional love, support etc. I don’t even know how many other people he’d been sleeping with the whole time. That’s not the worst of it though – I have proof of the some, and he still continues to lie about it and present to everyone else this ‘honest’ face of ‘hoping no one else has been hurt by any of this’ etc. He has no remorse, no empathy to speak of. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I was in love with someone who, essentially, doesn’t even exist. I don’t know how to deal with it.

    • Laura's Freelance says:

      Ha. I know what you mean. I’m divorcing someone who doesn’t exist and man is it ever expensive!!! My hopefully soon to be ex-husband is 18 years younger than me and handsome (tho not as handsome as he thinks he is) is also addicted to pain killers, pot, etc. and extremely abusive. I was the one who could no longer live the life of an addict anymore and was the one who put him out. (that messed with his ego)
      He, like so many we read about, came to me with nothing except a pity story and a trunk of clothes and some decent sex. He kept telling me that his heart was what he brought why could I not see his heart?
      I was an extremely hard sale for him, but he pulled it off somehow. All total I’ve know him 14 months at the time of our separation in September. I liked having him around and he was fun at first and just wanted to help me and kept telling me that he was the only one ‘here for me.’ Which there was some truth to that.
      But now — he just wants to ruin me for putting him out.
      To make a bad situation worse his dad is also one and is doing whatever he (they) can to try to destroy my 13 year business. I made the mistake of letting my husband help me with my business, since he wasn’t doing anything else, and he is now trying to claim 50% of my company. I’m fighting for my life, my house and my company!?!?!? Something is very wrong with this picture, isn’t it? Oh, I had ADT installed after he broke into my home/office and stole my business computers, materials and insurance policies.
      Here’s a little funny for ya . . . He keeps trying to ‘work it out with me’ by trying to get me to sign a partnership agreement with him! Ha!!! That’s his way of working out our marriage!!! I’m not nearly as stupid as he’d hoped I’d be and not nearly as in love either!!! Over the last week he had tried to gain access to my business account through an investment account he set up a couple months ago that he’d hoped I’d forgotten about (but didn’t so that failed); he tried to gain access to my boss (who hates him plus I unauthorized his access to her so that failed); so then he contacted my parents to see if they’d join him in trying to have me committed (they declined, so that failed). I’m hoping he is out of ideas!!! Those are just the things I found out about!!! He is trying to discredit me at every turn!! If he wasn’t so hostile, it would be laughable. They can be very dangerous when confronted and not getting their way. Here’s some more irony. MY OWN MOTHER IS ONE OF THESE SOCIOPATHS!! I always knew there was something horribly wrong with her— but I didn’t put all the pieces together until today!! Oh yea, my dad sexually molested me until I was 3 years old and those repressed memories only recently surfaced!! It’s been a literal hell. I have no parents to fall back on. But I have an incredible son who I don’t know what would have done without!!! I also have Jesus as Lord!!!
      I’m with so many of you folks who are saying that these sites are priceless and so so so very helpful in helping to bring the big picture into focus and to help us get moving on with life. I’ve just joined a gym that has a pool! I plan to put it to some good use!! Chins up!!! It does matter to them if we survive!! They meant to kill us! LIVE, LOVE (ourselves to health) and LAUGH my friends!!!

    • grace says:

      yes it will be a real shock to you… yet the shock is necessary to awake and alert you to stay clear of being with him… no contact and no more connection with him…

      Take as much time as you need to recover and heal from all the psychological and emotional damages (financial also if he has taken much $ from you)….

      Do not hurt yourself anymore by staying on and be deceived by him… your life is precious, do not let the sociopath ruin it, love yourself and take good care!

    • bebe says:

      i am almost done with a guy just like still getting out of the relationship.. anyway, i found out he called some of my friends and told them a few lies about me..i had txt messages and voice mails to prove i was telling the truth and he was lying..he finally admitted to my friends that he was lying and i sent him a txt telling him not to lie anymore..not to call people and tell stories..he said he never did..i said i was told today by my friends that you admitted you had lied and he said “no i didnt”..he just cant stop lying!

  10. Z says:

    I lived with a beautiful (exterior) woman for the better part of 9 months. She recently moved out after no apparent reason, the same day she confessed her life long love and committment to me. She has every characteristic defined above with the addition of sexual promiscuity, rage, physical violence to name a few. Apart from the emotional toll this took on me, the relationship ended with her doing damage to some of my property in my home and quite honestly I feel lucky I wasn’t harmed physically or worse. My feeling is she won’t “disappear” but rather resurface in time with a handful of excuses as to why this all happened.

  11. This guy fits the bill.

  12. Niks says:

    I have just split with a sociopath. i was quite vulnerable when i met him. He lied from day 1. said he had a 45k job, and was about to buy an alfa romeo car. he would move in, pay 3 months rent in advance. IN fact i could work part time or not at all. Of course this was all words. He had no job, in fact he couldnt even drive, and there was no savings. It was to be many months later before i realised this.

    He then told me that his daughters mother was dying of cancer. This was a big deal for me because my own daughter had died 2 years earlier. He played on this. I continued to pay for him, told him he had to get a job, there were problems with him being paid… or so he said. Right when he was about to get paid, he did a runner. I then had emails from his ex and ex housemate. They said check your bank account. I did, he had stolen 350 in two days.

    Stupidly i forgave him and took him back. He promised that he would work hard to pay back what he owed me. I believed that he would. We had a great time, i bought him a bike, paid for camping. He had three jobs during this time. All were fakes, there was never any salary, and i became furhter and further into debt, as i borrowed money at high interest based upon the money that he was supposed to have paid into my bank account.

    He called police on me when i said that i was going to kick him out after he then stole my mobile phone, my ipod, and later i discovered sadly he had stolen an expensive watch i had bought as a memorial to my daughter who had died. Fortunately police saw through him and kicked him out. He never got the bike back, i kept that. He lived rough on the streets – quite a come down for the opportunist.

    I have seen him. he has no remorse, and i am sure if i would take him back he would come back. And do the same all over again. he has a flat now, its a dive. But he is going to find another victim i am sure. Tomorrow he says that he starts counselling. But to be honest, he is lying thick and fast, everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.

    he is controlling in his own way. He would read my private things, was obsessed about who i spoke to on facebook, hacked into my account.

    I now believe i was dating a sociopath. For me, he has financially ruined me – well for now… i will rebuild.

    But he lied so well, until the end he wasnt personally abusive. So therefore didnt do me damage in that way. I used to think he was just a compulsive liar and could change. I now realise he was far more than that. He is a sociopath.

    I have now told him so, so he can read it for himself. Not that he would care. As i realise he cant have emotions like me — doesnt feel that way. he is dead inside therefore i am the winner :)

  13. Aubrey Stone says:

    Well this settles it.
    I’m in love with a sociopath.

  14. Amy says:

    Do you mind if I reblog some of this? It’s very well written in a way that anyone can understand it.

  15. Vanessa says:

    Boy oh boy I am glad I found this site. Please google signs of a sociopath and read as many pages as you can. These people generally only talk about themselves, they rarely ask how you are doing, nor do they care. They are cold hearted and do a very good job at faking emotions even to the point of getting a tear in their eye, but it is just a show. They will make you feel as though you are crazy and the conflict is all your fault. You will tear your hair out trying to fix the situation with them but it will never be remedied. If they are very good looking and there is a sexual chemistry there, please beware of your soul. This makes you think you LOVE them, and that it is your duty to help the poor victimized wretch. They are snakes, and will break you down until you are crawling in the sewer.

    • Elizabeth Mastromarino says:

      Is this the Vanessa that was getting married Oct, 20 to Frankii Cruz?

    • Leian Fiscus says:

      I am going through a divorce with a man that I think is a Sociopath. My friends started telling me to google the symptoms of this disease & when I did I realized that he was indeed one! Charmer, no remorse, nothing is EVER his fault. Anything HE did wrong in the marriage was all because I made him do it. We split up for 6 weeks & he slept with two women. He came back to me…yes, I was stupid & tried it again, and when I wanted to talk about him sleeping with other women while we were split up he told me it was MY fault. He was mad at me & didn’t care what happened to him so I made him sleep with those two women. REALLY????? He could go from 0 to 60 in 1.5 seconds, he pisses himself off over nothing. He is sick sexually & tried his best to get me to do things he said was “between 2 consenting adults.” Would get mad when I said “No, that’s no for me.” He drove me insane…I actually thought I was going crazy. He pitched fits like a three year old, got in my face, gritted his teeth, put his finger in my face, holler like a crazy man and then deny every bit of it. Each time he got mad, he was ready to bail out of the marriage. So, one night I called his bluff…told him to pack his “stuff” and get the “F” out of my apartment. He still texts me and lets me know that EVERYTHING was my fault.

      If you are in a relationship with someone like this…Don’t WALK away…RUN!!!!!!

  16. Lin says:

    Move over everyone so I can have a seat in the same boat next to you. I was married to one for 7 years and like the rest of you, the article described my ex to a “T”. If I have learned one thing out of what I went through, it’s it most definitely was all him. I was blamed for his use of drugs and alcohol…like I put a bottle to his mouth or a lighter to a spoon. The charmingness, and the “it’s never his fault” along with all the other examples of a sociopath were him. After I was divorced and finally rid of him, I used to joke that he was a sociopath, not knowing the true meaning of the word, but turns out I was right. All of you, PLEASE, be strong; KNOW that it was none of you, but all of THEM. It is difficult to recoup. THEY are the masterminds behind it all; it is not your fault that you didn’t/couldn’t see it because you cared about the person. I chose to take my confusion and first turn it into anger, and then, to chalk it all up to a learning experience (once I realized the signs and actually knew more about sociopathy) and was bound and determined to make sure that the next man I met did NOT have these qualities. Your experiences (no matter how good or how bad) makes you the person that you are today, and as I said, if for nothing else, a learning experience so that you are able to see these horrible things in a person. I feel that now that I know more about this “condition” or whatever you want to call it, that I am a stronger person for it. Don’t get me wrong, it takes YEARS….at least it did for me. I have since found a wonderful man that I married and am truly blessed and happy. IT CAN HAPPEN. My heart does go out to all of you who were conned by these people. It’s terrible. Have faith and learn more about it; KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – you will get through it, and you will be a stronger person for having gone through it. Learning about it and then piecing together incidents or situtations with your new-found knowledge will help you piece back together what that person ripped apart. I speak from experience, and it truly does make you stronger!!

  17. Ricky says:

    Michael Garritson is a prime example of a sociopath with a long telling history. Very interesting case. Classic example of narcissistic sociopath who drags family (he has 14 kids) into his evil world and makes them adore him. Google “Alleged Abusive Caregiver has Abusive Past” Michael Garritson, 61, was caught on tape physically abusing autistic man in his care. Garritson is a Registered Nurse in California, but has a long history that screams sociopath.

  18. chris60 says:

    If you enter a relationship hoping to find the happiness that evaded you while being single you are at risk of landing a sociopathic mate. I have seen too many men attracted to gold-diggers and women attracted to men who use them and treat them shabbily to have much faith in the “but I love them ” excuse. See love as an action not a word and if the person you are with disrespects you or lacks affection as shown through words or deeds, reconsider continuing this bad relationship. The behaviour or these people will drive you crazy and drain your energy and wallet. If someone uses or abuses you and/or is comfortable cheating and lying they lack good character and will damage you. Consider character before looks and values before surface credentials when choosing a partner.

  19. C says:

    I just got out of a 7 month relationship with a sociopath. In the beginning he was like prince charming. Telling me about all his travels and the high life he lived in NYC. He would talk about how I would be coming to NYC to visit and travel with him. Then things started not making sense. He was supposedly in London, but the times didn’t match. He always had an excuse why I couldn’t come to NYC to visit and that his friends wouldn’t want to meet me because they are educated and would get up and walk away if I said something stupid. My clothes were never good enough so I said you should buy me clothes or let me wear what I have and he would have excuses why he wouldn’t. He made promises, stayed with and ate all my food then would leave me with nothing even though he knew I was on a budget and had a son to feed. He would say he would send me money and never would. ONce I started sensing things were wrong and not lining up I would question him and he would get irate. He said noone questions him! If I cried I was needy and he didn’t know if he could be with a woman who was so emotional. His ex was a supposed super model and my modeling I did was nothing compared to what she was. We then went on vacation and his credit card wouldn’t work. He said he would pay me back if I could cover the expenses. I did and then I saw a text message from his bf talking about a girl who was his for the taking and not to let this one get away because she had money. I confronted him and he blew up. Denied everything. I broke up with him then he kept saying he would give me the money, but things kept happening. He sent me a message and said his dad only had a little time to live because he had cancer. I felt for him. He said he didn’t do anything wrong and I left him for nothing. I took him back, but still sensed something wrong. He was always deleting my history on computer after he was on it. WHen he left after the weekend, by the grace of God, he forgot to sign out of his email. I saw multiple messages from another woman and discovered that he was answering craigslist sex ads during our relationship. I was appalled and disgusted. I played it cool the next few days hoping to get my money, but he would attack me every time I asked for the money and say he was too busy. I then confronted him via phone about his date with the girl from craigslist he was planning on meeting and told him I knew everything. He got irate, said he did nothing wrong as he never did and was never remorseful. He then threatened me if I didn’t say I was sorry he would press charges for breaking into his email. I didn’t break into his email and now I’m at a lost with a broken heart, had to get tested for std’s, out $1300 and he could care less and is happily going about his fake life in NYC meeting this new woman sat. night at his ex girlfriends house who he is house sitting for. I know he is scared I’ll say something and that is what the threat is about, but how could I have fallen for this man? He would always say you are too trusting and if you go with anyone else you will get taken advantage of and you’re gettng too old for certain scenes. You’re not the prettiest girl in the room anymore. I fell right into it. Now I need to heal and be happy I only gave this man 7 months and he never affected my son. He deserves what I know he is going to get one day. Karma. I’m still heat broken though.

  20. Peg says:

    Sociopaths often mingle acts of generosity and heroics to confuse their victims. Example, run to help you when you fall, saving you from what you think would’ve been harmful to you, but then two days later are pouring bleach in your drink. Sociopaths are also extremely envious of everything others have, and feel they should have these things because they are so important and skilled. They hate anyone who has more than they do. They despise the people they work for. They are continuously deceptive. The sociopath’s children are often so damaged by growing up with such an evil person, they escape into things like S/M sex, fantasy type video games or animated worlds where they can dress up and be anything but the child of a sociopath.

    • Mathias says:

      Thanks for the insight about how sociopaths mingle kind acts with evil acts in order to confuse their victims. Going through some PTSD after an experience with one I broke it off with over 2 months ago.
      The other good insight you gave was the reference to their children actions. My former sociopath has a daughter in her late 20s who barely speaks to her and is in an emotionally abusive relationship. However my former sociopath did say that she was into drugs at a young age and got a noose in place because she could no longer go on.
      She has another daughter in her mid twenties who is disabled, lives with her, and gets neglected from time to time. There were times she would leave the residence and wander around. In fact, she was raped, probably because she was unsupervised. However, sociopaths are never wrong, right ? No pun intended. The only time, I saw her leave the apartment, was during a visit, and I had to catch up with her feeling that she would take off. The disabled daughter did get state aid, that enabled the sociopath to buy more bare necessities. I feel very sorry for her disabled daughter, who was an angel, but her mother manipulates her too, and I would not be surprised if adult protective services would be called on again in the new state she lives in, because in her former state she has a pending charge she kept hidden from me and it was only after a background check that more than the tip of the iceberg would reveal itself. I sincerely hope that the disabled daughter somehow ends up in good hands.

  21. billy says:

    i have just finnished a relationship with a sociapathic woman.
    this is the second one in my life i have encountered which held me in good stead to soon suss her out.
    highly intelegent creature,i would dissagree,because has cunning has they are they do not cover their tracks very well at all.
    when caught out in a lie which is a constant attribute,the only time they are not lying is when their tongue is still.
    their brain goes in melt down and they start to ramble on trying to string an excuse together for their stories.
    Dangerous? most certainly,the limelight means everything to them,andthey will concoct the most outragious and deadly senario if necessary,they often want to be the hero or more often than not play the victim,to entrap more willing devotees to there circle of potential players in there schemes.
    be carefull folks,theese creatures a not a rare personality.

    • Mikail Moss says:

      I found this old post from 5 years ago on yahoo:
      “Pathological liars do not seem to be unable to tell the truth consistently due to their need to satisfy their personal demands. Polygraphs will not necessarily detect them since the lying is so natural to them that they do not experience the anxiety other liars suffer from.”
      This is so true. Lying is first nature to them all.

  22. so we shouldn’t seek men filled with goals, travel, and stories to tell. Nor the attractive and charming ones? I agree with most the article, however the way you phrase things might misguide people. Typically sociopaths

    How can you spot a Romantic Sociopath?

    This is not easy to do. But there are some signs.

    1. Romantic Sociopaths swing from one relationship to another.
    Like a monkey swings from one tree limb to another. Why? Because they do not like to be alone. Remember they are emotionally bankrupt inside and therefore use others for emotional or sexual stimulus. They will stay with one a partner for as long as the emotions are new and run high but few novel. But will move on when things become “routine” or if that person’s emotional well runs dry or things become ‘inconvenient’ for them.

    2. They attach themselves quickly. The romantic sociopath is always on the lookout for a better emotional supplier. (prey) Once they spot a target they move quickly.

    They could propose marriage within hours of meeting you. Sweep you off you feet and dazzle you. Then they will tell you why that other relationship isn’t working. (she’s crazy, a scorned woman, hell hath no fury, she’s a liar, she’s a stalker…)

    Convince you they are sincere, and swing from the previous bed into yours – never seeming to take a breath.

    3. They don’t bring much with them. They seem to have very few long term, genuine friends and family. Instead they quickly absorb into your life.

    From the start they ‘fit right in.’ You share the same the same feelings and they take on the same attitudes, political ideas, hobbies, and social networks that you provide.

    4. They are contemptuous and cruel to those they discard. Remember that emotional bankruptcy? Well now that they have no use for you anymore – they have found a new supplier. Then you will begin to see is the real persona. (watch the hate campaign, smear and covert attacks on the old partner(s) and that person’s credibility.
    Anyone who speaks badly about their ex should be WATCHED! – YOU could be next!)

    This might look like a monster. Like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Yyou might wonder “who is this person? Where did the romantic, sensitive, dashing lover go?”

    The sad news is they were never there.

    What you encountered was the equivalent of an relationship Hit and Run.

    • MsMorphosis says:

      Thank you for the clarification and for sharing!

    • Susan says:

      You describe to a tee what I just experienced.

      • christina ashley richards says:

        you have just described what happened to me, npd, i just understand now it wasnt my fault was just a innocent victim, and now ust trying to reclaim my heart, xx

    • Alicen says:

      I lived with a sociopath for nearly 2 years. I knew him for 26 years, but discovered I really didn’t know him at all. He lied to me, used me and in the end, he stole my jewelry, my clothing, my perfume…to give to other women! That is how he managed to move in with me; by bringing me gifts. Most likely, stolen from his last victim!

      Finally, I had to face the fact the man I loved was a liar, a thief and a drug addict (I found his drugs in my garage).

      This man had the image of a successful businessman. He fooled me for many years. He drove a luxury car, had the clothes, the looks and acted the part perfectly. It was all as fake as the Rolex he wore! Beware of this type of man. He will lie to you, use you and steal from you!

      I am still recovering and it has been over 2 years since he left.

  23. Mikail Moss says:

    I agree with Billy that sociopaths are not always that smart. I have seen things written about serial killers saying that they must be highly intelligent in order to evade police for so long but if you move around enough it is easy for the police to lose track of you. We have a lot of cops in our town and it took two weeks for them to find a missing girl who was killed by a neighbor of hers and stored in his freezer.
    It was his wife who finally turned him in, not the police who found him out.

    Really it’s the pity factor that gets everyone. That combined with the sociopathic desire to fit in well, dress appropriately for the circumstances, keep things neat and be cheerful to most people most of the time. These are traits we don’t generally see in the movies portraying the scary people. Scary people in the movies are always the Ed Gein types with really messy abodes, strange facial expressions and unkempt appearance. Here Bundy was a ski instructor, a suicide hotline volunteer…feigning broken bones to evoke sympathy at State Parks participating in wholesome pasttimes like canoeing.
    Two prison psychiatrists let him out when he was first imprisoned because they said he could not have done the crimes….so he went on to commit more in other states. Rather than saying he was smart how about we take a look at both the police and psychiatrists and how they are trained?
    Look at Betty Beets. Burying one husband and then having the next husband unsuspectingly build something over his grave all the time keeping her physical appearance and home neat and her conversation cheerful.
    The police and shrinks don’t expect clean, neat, cheerful, apparently sympathetic and considerate people to be doing things wrong and neither —-unfortunately — do we.

  24. MadMan1981 says:

    I can write a whole book on that. I fell in love deeply with someone who exhibited these exact characteristics, and in the process hurt someone I care for. I am now left licking my wounds and still have difficulty moving on after one year. It is hard for me to comprehend that I really fell in love for the first time ever at the age of 30, and for a narcissist! On the bright side, I learned an invaluable lesson in life and I sure hope to deal with my underlying psychological issues before my next relationship. I have been single for more than a year, and not rushing into any type of relationship with the opposite sex anytime soon…

  25. Debbie says:

    I can’t even tell you what I’ve just been through–but it sounds as if you all have been through it already! SOrry–I’m just learning about this–I guess misery does love company–though I wish nobody had to endure this trauma. Please send me some websites to help me recover…we’re going to court next week and I need to be stronger. Thanks

  26. suzie q says:

    Yeah, it sucks they will steal your heart and soul once you throw the truth in their face. They cannot remember all the lies so take notes, ask people in their circle at the moment about a story. Lavish soties yes, my ex was a boat racer lol, wall street guru, and had a yacht business where he made a million a month, but ya the IRS took it all hence their broke ass pockets. They will rip you apart and I have been healing for 5 months and its hard. They make you feal as though your crazy and will dangle the idea of forever in front of you. As far as moving fast-they will bombard your phone and time-only unemployed people can text and talk that much in one day-TRUE FACT. And yes when you travel there will always be a story about why their credit card isn;t working. They do not change, they cannot. Its horrible to know that you were not their lover or freind but their prey. Mine was the ugliest man i was ever with lol thought i would try the getting to know a guy i am usually not nor ever would be attracted to. There will always seem like they have some hidden secrets, dark side-THEY DO,They are sick puppies. I am sorry for anyone who tries to love them they will totally rip you apart and could care less about moving on.

  27. ConnieUK says:

    Many interesting posts. However, I would like to know of others experiences in managing some kind of relationship with an adult son who could quite easily appear to fit much of the criteria. I’m just not sure and I’m not an expert. My “problem”, if that is even the right expression … is that I love my son. I cannot switch this off – move on – disassociate myself and I’m not sure what kind of a person it would make me, if I could. I know what I can do in order not to enable him (he is 32). Manipulating / lying behaviours are always immediately confronted and not entertained BUT I actually don’t want to dismiss him altogether.

    Has anyone been able to manage some form of relationship under these circumstances – even if it is a little one-sided :)

  28. Helena says:

    I’m glad I found this site, I could never explain such irrational thinking in a person until I read up on this. I had never met anyone in my life that had a thought process that was so different than anyone I had ever met. I was charmed into a relationship with a man that consistently said he didn’t want a relationship all the while living with me for months. Telling me he loved me and wanted to marry me. I fell fast and hard in love with him because he was charming, full of energy, so fun to be around and we had great sex. At 40 I was ready to settle down and he seemed so perfect for me. Then I started noticing these lies and how quick he was to anger. One thing I thought odd was he had been married 3x’s and called one of his ex-wife’s psychotic and she was bipolar, etc. I did find out that he was the one diagnosed bipolar, however, I think he was misdiagnosed. Anyways, he charmed my family and my friends, then, they started noticing his odd behavior. My daughter being the one that told me that I needed to get away from him as she had heard stories of him beating his previous wives and his children. I got to the point that I cried everyday because he’d start treating me horribly..i’d lean over for a kiss and he’d turn his head, i’d go to sit on his lap and he’d ask what i was doing…he explained it as he didn’t want a relationship and that stuff was what couples did. In my confusion I started getting depressed, thinking something was wrong with me, i was pushing him into a relationship, I needed to back off and let things come naturally. dumb, i know. I found it interesting that he didn’t want a relationship, but he found it very convenient to live with me for months on end. Little weird things would pop up like his dog for instance…his dog loved me. As soon as he found this out, he wouldn’t let me near his dog again. He owned a house that he didn’t live in and would continue to go there and i’d go to to take care of the lawn, when in fact, the banks were taking this over. Why would someone continue to care for a place that the banks were taking over. Of course, he’d never admit this to me. I also know that he did beat his ex wives and his children and his animals. He does crazy things like drive way over the speed limit after drinking (not with me) but with his son and grandson. I’ve had to drive him before because he was intoxicated. I also was told that he did a lot of cocaine. Of course, he would never tell me and would deny it. He also got angry with me for no reason at all one nite and took off, camped out with some other woman and then denied it, despite several people seeing him and also taking photos of it and passed on to me. Of course I took him back like a dummy because damn did he lay on the charm. Now I know, he’s a pathological liar, he thinks he’s better than everyone, he cheats, has no true friends. He continues to try to speak with me. Once he does, then he ignores me until i ignore him and then he’s back at it again. After reading up on this, I know now that he is incapable of loving me, as much as it hurts, I have to move on and know that none of this was my fault and no matter what I do I will never change him.

    • christina ashley richards says:

      hi helena. i know exactly how you feel, i feel the same way, iv met someone have been very cautious for 6 months of my feelings towards him, but he is genuine and im trying to heal, its difficult how do i find my heart my evil ex stole away from me, xxx

  29. JH says:

    If I can write a book on being in love with a sociopath, I would. I can honestly say that the worst years of my life were the 6 years that I was in a relationship and living with my ex, whom I am now learning and understanding is a “text-book, sociopath”. When they say love is blind, I was definitely blinded, and now that I have finally “escaped” my situation, everything is finally clear. In the beginning, I can definitely see how I fell quickly in love; he was extremely charismatic, charming, and definitely physically attractive. I wound up pregnant by him, and even though he began exhibiting signs of instability with his emotions and finances, whenever I would begin to have doubt, he would do things to reel me in, such as getting up with me in the middle of the night and walking me to the bathroom because of my pregnant belly causing me discomfort, rubbing my back to help me go back to sleep, telling me he loved me. This of course, after he had come home from so-called working late and the cellphone we shared had a few missed calls from so-called female coworkers in the middle of the night. That was the beginning of my nightmares. To shorten everything that happened over the next 6 years, I will narrow it down to this…the relationship was filled with constant turmoil and abuse. He would tell me when he was angry that I was ugly and fat, the very next day, acting like “he was just angry”, and almost not even remembering that he had said those things just the night before, he would snap and become extremely irate over every little thing. It was one time when he was fussing at our son while he was on the phone talking to a friend, and he told our son “to shut-up”, mind you, our son at the time was only 3 or 4 years old. I calmly and quietly told him, “don’t tell him to shut-up, it’s not a good word for him”, you would’ve thought that I said, f*ck his mother” because he LOST it! Screaming at me while his friend was still on the phone, calling me a bit**, telling me fu** you, telling his friend that I always interfere and cause trouble and always correcting him, even though I never did before. Another incident, I accused him of cheating because of things that I discovered and then told him that I need to pack up my things and go, he then proceeds to snatch my glasses off of my face and break them in half. This wasn’t the first or last time that he attempted to break my glasses or things. He would break my cellphones, purses, jewelry, doors in the house, even ended up with holes in the walls, all a result of his temper. Every day I walked into that house, I never knew what type of person he would be for that day. It’s a terrible feeling to feel nervous whenever you walk in to your own home. The last instance that I accused him of cheating, he broke the handles off of my glasses. I ended up going to work with duck tape on the handles of my glasses just to keep them together. Going to work, lying to my boss and co-workers that I accidently stepped on my glasses again. Of course, I had no money to buy a new pair of glasses because he never consistently held down a job (always blaming his short-tenures with each job on his bosses), I stayed in financial ruin because I became the primary provider in the house on a small salary, my account stayed in the negative because I had to take care of everything for the house and family. Another situation happened where a girl called the house and I ended up finding out that he had intercourse with her in our bedroom, with that confrontation, I ended up with a punch to the face, and a black and blue bruise on my shoulder. He was even involved in a hit and run with my vehicle another time, where he never told me about it, and I was left paying off $1500 maintenance repairs, where he never even cared to make any attempts on paying me back or taking responsibility for it. In the end of it all, I ended up being over $15,000 in debt, maybe more over the years, where I ended up having to file bankruptcy, a vehicle had to be repossessed, two hospital treatments as a result of his anger (from physical harm) and we ended up getting evicted from our apartment. During the eviction process, he disappeared to his now “new girlfriend” house, while I struggled to get everything out of our apartment alone. Another vehicle that I had that had been totaled by him, resulted in him escaping that night, where the new girlfriend came and got him. Through it all, I ended up having to get tested for STDs because of his infidelities, and in major debt, and even while he lived with his new girlfriend, he begged me to come back to live with me, while his new girlfriend was pregnant with his daughter and was about to give birth the following week, once he realized I was not accepting him back, his remorse turned into hate and revenge, slamming my name and reputation all over his social media page, of course, trying to gain sympathy from his followers. He went from “I love you so much, you are my life” to “I hate you, you are an ugly, whore, and my new girlfriend is better than you”. All in one day. Mind you, the new girlfriend came about while me and him were still living together. Now this isn’t about just simply his infidelity. It is the emotional control that a sociopath has to have over another person, once they feel that control slipping, they become vengeful, and feel the need to quickly run and replace you. His spitefulness even led him one evening, after he had already moved out and been living with his new spouse, out of anger when he felt that I may be meeting new people, moving on, to purposely show me a video on his phone of him and his new girlfriend having sex. The psychological toll that this relationship put me through is indescribable. I had to re-learn how to love myself, how to gain self-confidence again, what it was like to having normal, healthy relationships. Thank God that I had always had a healthy upbringing with supportive, loving parents, where I was able to understand that what I had was not normal.

  30. Grace says:

    dear JH,

    Do stand up and get on your feet again.

    By God’s grace, thankfully you are able to realize how damaging a sociopath can be to your life and total well-being!

    Regain your self-confidence, receive your healing and recover psychologically and emotionally!

    Cut all contact with him so that you can get back to loving yourself and being yourself!

    Be patient because you have been in that abusive r/s for a number of years so it will take some good time to heal!
    A supportive family is important as their love and care for you will restore your self-esteem and self-worth!

    Sociopaths are only interested in a wide variety of different females for them to use as sex objects and financial backing! Dangerous, destructive and utterly evil!!!

    • Francesca Desormeau says:

      Finacially I gave him close to three hundred thousand now, for years nothing! I want to just survive it is close to the end but now I have felt he is the victim of a an aspergers synrdon victim All symptoms lead to it. Lately he is in his bedroom. Day after day Eating and burning his food but staying in his room no contact. Doing things like tuning the refrigerator on almost off ect.

  31. Susan says:

    I believe I am just out of a thankfully short relationship with a sociopath. I am a 49 year old single mom who considers myself very good at reading people and believed I had too much confidence to ever fall for this kind of thing, but this guy totally bamboozled me. He was completely charming from the start, but didn’t seem so smooth that he came off as sweet and genuine. He was the most polite, considerate, attentive man that I have ever met. Was also charming, witty and fun. He asked lots of questions because he “wanted to know everything about me”. He charmed my friends. He remembered everything I told him, and always asked about my friends, kids, etc. Seemingly showed concern for everything and everyone in my life. He is a third grade teacher and talked about his kids in a way that could make you melt. The thing that concerned me a little from the start was that he seemed too good to be for real. Too good-looking and into his appearance (fake tan, I think hair color, worked out constantly). But I figured if that was the worst of it (good looks) I could handle it! He was extremely romantic, anticipated my every need, wanted to talk every day and hear my voice before he went to bed every night. Texted me throughout the day about how he was thinking about me, missed me, couldn’t wait to see me, etc. I have to admit I soaked up the attention, especially after coming out of a relationship with someone who was very un-attentive.
    Any way, after 6 weeks of being completely swept off my feet, he blindsided me and broke up with me via text, telling me that he just wasn’t that into me physically. This was just hours after telling me how beautiful I was, that he’d never felt this way about anyone before, how we were meant for each other, where had I been all his life, etc. We had plans for Christmas together–he talked for weeks about all of the gifts he had for me.
    This was someone I talked to hours a day and shared intimacy with, and suddenly he refused to talk to me or respond to my texts, asking questions to understand break-up. Said he was sorry he led me on, just felt like something was missing and wasn’t that into me. Funny thing is, what he texted seemed verbatim how he described ending another relationship to me, and when he told me about it, told me how wrong he knew it was. He also told me his ex wife almost had a breakdown and was suicidal when he left her. Made her sound like an unfit mother. Now I feel sorry for the women, can only imagine the mind games she probably endured.
    He didn’t bruise my ego, because I don’t believe anything he told me now and I now feel that the whole romance was an illusion. I actually got a real bone chilling feeling after his texts, I knew I had been played, and the word sociopath came to mind, so I started researching it.
    Another thing is that he seemed to spend money carelessly (lived beyond he means I think), told me he had quite a bit of debt, but didn’t seem concerned about it, because when his parents were gone, he would come into a lot of money. That seemed pretty irresponsible to me, guess it should have been a red flag. I overlooked it because everything else seemed right.
    Sorry for long post–I’ve had insomnia for several nights, replaying things in my head, trying to find an answer, and trying to understand how I could have avoided falling prey to him, and trusted him.
    At first I thought major player, and all about the chase, but I really think it is more than that.
    Am I right…sociopath?

    • Sandra says:

      @ Susan You’re story is the most identical to mine. I too only dated the guy for 6-8 weeks (short-term) and everything from “i want to know everything about you” to sweeping me off my feet happened. He started acting distant, cut off emotionally & i suspected that he was cheating and apparently I was right. Then the break-up and at first you’re like this guy is a player but there’s something in your gut that tells you its more. How could he go one minute being so intensely into you and another not. I too started googling the word sociopath, started to do it in the beginning of our courtship but talked my self out of doing the research and reading anything because I thought I was being “ridiculous.” After he essentially broke up with me, I too got an erie feeling that this wasn’t normal and couldn’t just chalk it up to some guy being a player and I got played so again I started googling sociopath and have concluded that he probably was one. since our relationship wasn’t as nearly as long as most of these stories I had some doubt but after reading yours I’m 100% positive that he was. I too suffered from insomnia going over every conversation we ever had trying to make sense of it all. Hindsight is 20/20 and I started to see the small clues. His family is clueless… I’m dying to say something but I know that they would never believe me because in their eyes he’s the “golden child.” He’s quiet intelligent, talented and good looking. Susan, THANK YOU for your story.

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  33. lilly says:

    i have been in a relationship for 7yrs im 26 and have a 6yr old son with my long time boyfriend. when i first met him it was so nice charming he wanted to marry me told me he loved me. 2 months into our relationship i got pregnant he wanted me to live with him so i left all my family behind with no questions after a few months i noticed he is not the person he said he was how he will get a job support us make sure i was taken care of as well as the baby never happend no job no reliablity.
    i had my son we were livin at his mothers house with out paying any bills i felt bad when my son was only 4 months old i got a job soon after my boyfriend got jobs but never could keep them
    i left my boyfriend in 2009 got my own place not much but it was mine of course he came around he is a GOOD father and he slowly made his way back into my heart but the same thing happend no job i did everything finacially emotionally as well as keeping the house clean. every once in a while he would do somthing around the house but i think it was to benifit him he only did laundry if he needed cloths never did mine and when i would cry or be upset and argue he would not care how i felt and would tell me i did not care for him. he would always turn it on me he still does i feel he thinks hes never wrong and n e thing he does its for himself this year he didnt even say happy birthday to me untill my 6yr old said it. we just moved he has a job and is still holing on to it its been since June. ever since he got this job he indicates he is better than me after 5yrs of me doing everything for him i have to BARROW money from him to pay my prepaid cell phone bill. i i feel he thinks i owe him and nothing else matters.

    i dnt know what to do. am i over reacring?

    (sorry for the spelling)

  34. Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that I have truly enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing for your rss feed and I’m hoping you write once more very soon!

  35. Malibumom says:

    Omg! I have a story for you ! Will be back to post asap ….. I just locked one out yesterday after 2 years of drama!

  36. Teresa Hermes says:

    WOW!!! Wow.. I am amazed.. I am 49 years old and thought I was a great judge of character but have simply been bamboozled by what I guess I can now say with certainty after reading this by a sociopath! I could have written each and every one of these. I have been feeling sad, shocked, angry and broken hearted over a man that I have been with for nearly 2 years. I still want to think that this can change! Sad but true. I will write more later once I digest more of this. Good to know it is not me, Teresa

  37. Nonameplz says:

    How many of you had friends who recognized that you were with a Sociopath and you chose to ignore your friends and buy what the Sociopath had to say?

    That’s what I’ve recently faced. I called this guy from the beginning. I said, “He’s either the perfect man or a complete Sociopath.” Well, he has now alienated our friend from all her closest friends and we’re all ready to wash our hands of her. She has taken on his arrogance and holier than thou attitude. Sadly, she has small children and they are trying to alienate the biological father from the kids.

    Suggestions? Oh, and this guy is a felon x3 and has scammed many people out of money. Hopefully, he’ll be in prison soon!

  38. ptosis says:

    I had it broke down to 3 – thanks for the extra info. My article is about the three profiles of an exploiter & I invite you to please comment on my webiste and leave a link back to this article.

    The Love Bomber
    The Helpless One
    The Equivocator

  39. Mike says:

    Poor Vanessa married the sociopath Frankii and is now being conned by this loser….

  40. Confused says:

    I fell victim to a sociopath. I dated a 24 year old man for a year. I am a few years younger. I met him at a friend’s, and he instantly had me charmed. I fell in love. He was so funny, caring, loving, supportive. SO I THOUGHT. I mean, he would rub my feet every day, wake up with me at 6am when I had work and make me breakfast. See, they have this weird ability to, due to their knowledge of emotions, but lack thereof, mimick said emotions, and use the appearance of said emotions to manipulate!!! They are masters, they actually are almost always of more than average intelligence, wit, and charm. I started spending ALL of my time with him. He was everything I could ever hope for. I was so faithful (as I am to all my boyfriends, and ALL of them have f***ed me over, but that’s another tragedy I will save for a different crowd, maybe or something lol). I would have done anything for this guy. And I did. I spent all my time writing HIS resume, working MY ASS off, 50 hours a week, while he would borrow MY car all day and lie to me about what he did with it. He would watch porn every day, multiple times a day, which I found out he had a problem with that before I met him. Even on the days we’d have sex. I would cry, and he would do it after an argument or something, for revenge!! He drowned a cat when he was like 16, he expressed thoughts of dead babies a couple times, and had a drug problem. I bought him a truck. He manipulated the shit out of me every day, even when we broke up one time, he guilt tripped me into believing that it would be wrong of me to not let him keep the money for selling said truck so he could “give it to his dad for a new car,” which he didn’t. THA F***?? And I am FAR from stupid, believe me, I may be a little more needy of my fellow human creations, but I only have the best in mind for my brothers and sisters on this planet! I went to AA and counseling with him when I didn’t even have any problems (except apparently dependency issues UGH). I would take him shopping, dress up for him, do EVERYTHING! I WAS 19 AT THE TIME!!!!!! Guess what he ended up doing??? Beating me to a f***ing PULP, while I was naked, after we had sex in the room I WAS RENTING with MY own money, and strangled me until I passed out, and held a knife to my throat while I was begging for my life, saying “This is the part where the stupid b**** dies, are you ready?” Then gets up, says “Where the f*** are my shoes b****, I’m tryna get outta here.” He leaves, the cops are there by this time, and guess what he says to the cops???? “Thank God you’re here, my psycho b**** girlfriend just went crazy on me.” I’m sitting on my bed, sobbing, blood splattered on my walls and all over my naked body, and he’s in the nice SF Giants jacket I BOUGHT HIM, the brand new $150 Jays I BOUGHT HIM, the cops are like, “Yeah, psycho get in the car.” ALL OVER AN ARGUMENT! An argument. An exchange of words, after all I did for this motherf***king piece of s***. Anyways, the cops cuffed him and went off. I went to the hospital in an ambulance. Oh, it gets better. I used to serve Vietnamese coffee in lingerie, and got two of my girlfriends jobs there, while I was with this dude, and like 2 months after this, he has the nerve to show up there when he KNEW they worked there. Oh, and around the same time, he was seen by one of my family members at a local bar with some chick. He would lie EVERY DAY, cheat, when all I EVER wanted for him was THE BEST. STAY AWAY. THEY WILL MAKE YOU FEEL MORE LOVED THAN ANYONE IN THE WORLD, LIKE NOTHING CAN TOUCH YOU, LIKE YOU WILL BE HAPPY FOREVER, BUT IT IS NOT REAL. I still cry to this day. I miss feeling so loved and secure, and know that I will never feel that way ever again, BECAUSE IT WAS NOT REAL.

    Now, my problem is, I have just moved to a new state, to further my education, and met someone at a concert, and have noticed things about him that produce feelings of doubt and fear in me. He is entertained by the most morbid, graphic, horrible cartoons, s*** that i couldn’t even make up if I tried, s*** that makes me want to puke, s*** I can’t even say on here. He is very intelligent and mature and charismatic as hell though. And he has anger issues. I’ve never seen them, but he told me about them, with little emotion. Like, his parents are sooooo sweet, and he throws big appliances or chairs and shit and scares his poor tiny mom almost into tears. After all this, I started to flip the tables and manipulate the situation for MY knowledge and observation. I would go from oober sweet to joking in a bitchy or rude or taunting way. He’d change right along with me. So weird. I even jokingly/sarcastically asked him if he’d kill me, his response was next to nothing, so I looked at him and said, “no really, would you?” to see what he said. He said something like, “well it depends what the reason would be….. no ha, no I could never do that.” Like what the F***!! I started liking him a bit, before I noticed all this stuff, and I feel this weird attachment, though I know there’s something wrong and he’s potentially dangerous, I can’t help but to keep hanging out with him. I think part of it is his charm and wit and ability to mimick emotions to the point of seeming utterly sincere… He made me food today and massaged my feet and offered me pot and is so sweet but seems so sadistic!! It’s all getting to me, again!!!! HELP! Am I just paranoid? Am I risking losing a great person?

    • Sonja says:

      No, you are not falling for someone great, you are falling for the same, sometimes the next one is worse, you can actually wind up dead. My therapist calls this ‘relationship intoxication’. You will be responsible if you do it again while recognizing the signs.
      Giant red flags are those feelings like addiction or not being able to help yourself from staying. Even though I’m intelligent and know ‘exactly’ who im dealing with I have to have day to day long conversations with myself to stay away. i also felt like i was being pulled down a road out of my control, down a road that was not my destiny.
      Be careful and see a therapist to help you see your own self destructive patterns.

  41. myhearthurts says:

    I just realized i had been seeing one too. I need help it hurts so much. All the mean and horrible things he texts me and says to me. I have been so stupid it hurts. What do i do now

  42. Billy Bragg says:

    Sociopaths are masters at influence and deception. Very little of what they say actually checks out in terms of facts or reality, but they’re extremely skillful at making the things they say sound believable, even if they’re just making them up out of thin air. Here, I’m going to present quotes and videos of some legendary sociopaths who convinced everyday people to participate in mass suicides. And then I’m going to demonstrate how and why similar sociopaths are operating right now… today.
    Billy Bragg recently posted..Billy Bragg – Which Side Are You On? Plans To Release New Album Next MonthMy Profile

  43. cliff says:

    im a sociopath, you can feel emotion but its is the most basic emotions. anger,lust,sadness and mild joy is all i ever feel and joy comes from random things in very small amounts. im not fucking evil?! i dont understand this? im not some person trying to suck the life out of you. this is just sickening. im not a robot, i have feelings, we all do. just because sociopaths are percieved as this evil person doesnt mean we are.

    • S says:

      I don’t think you have to be evil to be a sociopath. Without the ability to share emotions with others may come a feeling of less accountability. I think there’s a scale too. The fact that you identify yourself as a sociopath I think means that you have some sort of conscience, and I think some sociopaths are so unable to relate to the human experience and so alienated that they probably find it easy to do thoughtless or self-serving things…

  44. larry roady says:

    I am still in love with. Am. Drawn too what I read to be a sociopath. But I feel as if in the chosa and cunfussion she created she almost made me believe I was the crazy one.that I was sociopath. Now I have started. A new relatationship a healthy one I am finding myself again. And how truly wounderful a normal relathionship is again. And how I am normal. What a ride I was on. Wow what a ride. Decieption artist,confussion greats,the best a transferring blame and or quilt to thief partner. As a man I felt like all our shortcomings was all because of my lack of? ????? Everytime. But Thur studding a little reading a lot and our great father leading me to seek an answer which is SOCIOPATHS they live. And we must live with them.I suggest we educate our children to these kinds of people before its tolate for them.And we pray for those we know are under a sociopaths spell.and we pray for the sociopath as well before something they do creates a situation beyond there dreams and two innocent lives or more will be saved from segregation.

  45. Jules of Blue says:

    Wow..all these comments hit so close to home. I entered into a relationship with a married man 12.5 years ago. Yes, shame on me and I am sure I had karma coming at me, but no one deserves what these monsters can do. We would see each other only for a few hours weekly/bi-monthly through the years. You don’t REALLY get to know someone spending so little time together. I always said the last thing I wanted was for his wife to find out. Well, 3 months ago she found out, not about me, but another woman!I would not have known this had she not busted him out on her (the wife)FB page. When he called to tell me she threw him out, I asked if another woman was involved “NO” he said. A month later when I asked him why he lied “I didn’t think it was any of your business”. Wow! What I didn’t know…there were many ponies on his merry-go-round. The lies…OMG..the lies. His favorite manipulation was to read a text (from another woman)”I just found the nail decals we bought last Christmas”, “I just went past the hotel you stayed in, thinking of you”…and try to pass them off as texts from his children. He got a sick kick out of this. Addiction! Pot and sex…it was all he breathed for. In the three months since he was thrown out by his wife, he spent alot of time at my house, however, alot of time elsewhere. Where you say…your guess is probably as good as mine. Seeing that his cell phone rings 80x more than it used to, I think we can all put two and two together. In the same three months I have began to think I was crazy, suffer terribly anxiety, and have friends/family comment on their concern for me. A week ago today, I told him to forget my name, number, and address. My anxiety is gone! Please…if you are experiencing anything like this, love yourself first and get out. Another warning sign…if you think they are calling/texting “what are you doing” “where are you going for lunch”, etc..because they care, do not give a direct answer…say “I’ve got errands. I’ll be all over town”, etc. When they are seeing multiple women, they want to know where YOU are so they don’t accidentally run into you.It took me 12 years to figure that one out.The story of his wife is even more sad. For years he had told me that she was “sickly” or a hypochondriac. Well, after three months on his merry-go-round, it is more than apparent that he has broken her spirit and rather than get away along time ago, she has let the mental abuse of this sociopath manifest itself in all types of physical conditions.

  46. see post says:

    I take pleasure in, cause I found exactly what I was taking a look for.
    You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a nice day. Bye
    see post recently posted..see postMy Profile

    • Frankii Cruz says:

      There is some really great information on here, Thank you for it.

      Hello All,

      I am THE Frankii Cruz this page talks about.

      there are two sides to EVERY story. Its so easy to hate and then label someone who has upset you or broken your heart but to continue something like this page for almost 7 years now?! That is just down right obsessive.

      If any of you have any questions youd like to ask ME personally and not hide behind a forum, please feel free to contact me
      That’s if this MsMorphisis and her friends don’t HACK into my account(s) like many of my previous accounts.

      Yes, i was a jerk in my younger years and yes i was cocky, arrogant, and quite frankly i just didn’t give a shit about slot of things or people for that matter but why should i? I was young successful and busy making a name for myself in the military and yes i wasn’t matture.
      Having said that, does being immature constitue me as a sociopath?
      Or just an asshole?

      I admit i was an asshole. And to whom ever i hurt or offended, i apologize.

      If you are hurt over whatever it was i did, get over it already!
      7years to hold a grudge and create “hate pages” showed that there is something wrong with you, not me.
      I just needed to grow up, what’s your reason?

  47. vicki says:

    I will love to share my testimony with all my viwers because i never thought i would have another chance with my boyfriend, the man i wanted to marry left me for another woman, and when i called him, he never picked my calls,he deleted me on his facebook account and then set the status to having a girlfriend with the other chick. I was devastated. I went to three spell casters before doctor and i had really lost hope. i lost a lot of money with them and got no results. so when i came to hector i was really leery of him and didn’t think he could help me. i though it is too good to be true, because all the other spell casters were supposedly good and none of them helped me. i saw the testimonials and read the other testimonials and decided to get the consultation. he said he could help me, but my chances of getting my ex were very low and he didn’t recommend it at all. But i insisted that he at least give me the chance to work with him and try and if it didn’t work, i wouldn’t be upset and i would move on with my life. He agreed. Since he is in jersey and im in nyc, i decided i would go in person to have my spells cast. he is a really sweet and gentle man, when i met him i was really surprised. he looks very young, and i had my doubts whether or not he would be able to help me. But i figured i came all that way and i said i would try so i tried it. He called a spirit to talk with me and do the work, it was a woman spirit and when it came it totally transformed hector’s face. that is when i thought to myself that it might just work. the spirit gave me some advice and did the spells. i had a separation spell and a reunion spell done. the spirit said it would take a while for my ex to leave his new girl but once he did, he would come to me very quickly. She gave me some things to take home and do. I did them, but i was really nervous. i think i messed up a few times and i told t and she said just keep going and i would be fine. so i did. it was like 6 or 7 weeks later and i saw that my ex unblocked me from facebook. I saw he had changed his status again to single. so i was super excited because i took this to mean that he had split up with the other girl. about 10 days after that my ex called me. At first, it was weird between us. he wanted to see me. so i went to meet up with him. he didn’t ask me back then. i got very anxious and told t, and she said to stay calm and everything would turn out okay. So i did the best i could although i was still worried. We met up a few more times after that, and still he didn’t ask me back out. so i got a consultation with hector and he said to expect my ex to ask me back out within two weeks from the consultation. i listened, but i wasn’t sure it would happen. then it was almost 2 weeks later, and i though, damn, hector was wrong. But the next day (there was like 2 days left from it being 2 weeks) my ex called and we got together. He asked me if i would be willing to try our relationship again, which of course i said yes. that was about 3 weeks ago, and so far we have been doing okay, we still have a lot of things to work out, but i am very happy. hector is the real deal and i am so glad that i found him and i recommend him to anyone who needs help. thank you so much doctor you saved my life!
    Reply ?you can as we contact her email

  48. Frankii Cruz says:

    And for those of you who have “truly” dated a sociopath and survived, my heart goes out to you and i commended you for your strength and perseverance.

    I hope that you all come out better and stronger people for it.

  49. Richard says:

    I have come into this late, but with reason. I have doubts about my new relationship. Within two weeks she told me that she loved me, within three weeks she asked me to co-sign her rental lease…just over a month later I feel like I am about to be taken for everything. I knew this women some years ago…she was funny,loud and sweet. Now, she seems different…she tells me she has nothing. I thought she needed a friend…suddenly we were in bed. I have come out of a long relationship (married+3 kids, now divorced) and have been reluctant to move on….I’ve got a bad feeling. Thanks for your blog…I think you have opened my eyes.

    • Matt says:

      Sociopaths are capable of change but only if they feel you are worth it. If she treats you good then make it work. If its all about what you do for her with no reciprocation then run…..

  50. S says:

    I think it’s important to note that not only sociiopaths have trouble with meaningful connections. People are often quick to label more detached people (especially people who are perhaps not over a troubled past) as bad people, and I’ve found many people I’ve interacted with (narcissistic tendancies perhaps) are incapable of recognizing when a person is making themselves vulnerable vesus asking for pity. It’s easy to just label someone a likely sociopath who is not making themselves emotionally available enough to be palatable, andd I’ve had a lot of experience with people judging me and questioning my character because I am not comfortable interacting in the ways some people are accustomed to.

  51. Matt says:

    I am a sociopath. I came on here to figure out what is wrong with me. Needless to say I am shocked at all the comments and feel terrible about what I am. I do however feel the need to apologize to everyone effected. I may be the only sociopath that does feel bad for the explosive and deceptive behaviors I exhibit. I came on to try to find out if I could change but that looks doubtful. I can give you some insight though we will say what you want to hear and we tend to think of everything in a pessimistic way. Which is why a sociopath is usually not being the one getting screwed because we trust no one. If something sounds to good it is… if he or she is always tearing others down… and one last thing many sociopaths are extremely violent and tend to escalate to murders so while they did tale your money and happiness, they didnt take your life.

  52. Sarah Clark says:

    After being in relationship with Benson for five years,he broke up with me, I did everything possible to bring him back but all was in vain, I wanted him back so much because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I made promises but he refused. I explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that I should rather contact a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I am the type that never believed in spell, I had no choice than to try it, I mailed the Madurai, and he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before three days, that my ex will return to me before two days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day, it was around 4pm. My ex called me, I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that happened, that he wanted me to return to him, that he loves me so much. I was so happy and went to him, that was how we started living together happily again. Since then, I have made promise that anybody I know that have a relationship problem, I would be of help to such person by referring him or her to the only real and powerful Dr Madurai who helped me with my own problem and who is different from all the fake ones out there. Anybody could need the help of the Dr Madurai, his email you can email him if you need his assistance in your relationship or anything.

  53. Eye Opener says:

    These comments are really an eye opener, as I dealt with a Sociopath, Narcisstic Psychopath and besides being manipulative, two attempts on my life. All for a control of signing a Will for a lap top computer and printer. University educated, predator and parasite, evil to the max.
    One of his lines….You really don’t need a landline phone, but it’s your
    money. Asked for my “pin” number. Next time he knocked on the door
    didn’t answer. Took 7 months of severe abuse. Appears your dealing with the Devil himself. He’s now on his 4th victim and not even in a relationship, he’s just a tenant 40 something and am retired. Useless
    as a dishrag, but clever in manipulating seniors and victims. And they walk amongst us? See http://www.Ottawa Men’s and horror stories. Why do we not have more mental institutions? It’s almost a land mine to get from point A to point B nowadays with so many mentally ill individual’s.

  54. Edwin says:

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  55. Edwin says:

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  56. Raven says:

    Your post makes no sense. Sociopaths have lots of friends who will all back them loyally (unless they are casual friends who are aware somewhat of their nature, or are other sociopaths), because they are skilled at the callous manipulation. Their victims will be ostracized due to all the lies they have told to everyone the victim knows – who will believe the sociopath. Sociopaths are well-known for having charisma and most of what you say here is not descriptive of a sociopath.

    • Julie says:

      My husband even had his best friend lying to the police over stolen property. I told my husband that I did not like how he was acting after spending time with his friend. They both seemed to mirror each other. I am glad I got out when I did. I needed to have taken more time to get to know him and his friends. His friends were irresponsible, that should have been a huge red flag. But, I just thought he was trying to help, when in fact, they were all using each other to coexist in their fantasy world.

  57. […] 7 Warning Signs You’re Dating a Sociopath – MsMorphosis – Exactly same for me Kathy. I didn’t know what a sociopath was. I wasn’t thinking of an abnormal person. I gave all my retirement money, then he left, but blamed me…. […]

  58. TC says:

    I had 8 kids with a sociopath, not only did he almost destroy me as a human , he abducted my kids for 2 years and got away with it! I have 6 grown now and had to work so hard and deny myself to the point of stupid to make sure they turned out alright.But, now I feel worn out and ruined as a person.

  59. Martin Scott says:

    Hey my name is Paul although Paul is really not my name i wish i can tell you my really name but i don’t think it will be wise to do that. I have a big happy family my wife with my two boys. They are my all and all in this world. My miserable life would have be over a long time ago if not for them and my wife is the most, let me just say that she is wonderful. Like very marriage we always had our own problems she wanted me to be always around her and the kids but i work at the embassy. It so hard to avoid coming home late and living very early first thing in the morning i though she understood that. Quitting was not an option cos i love what i do and more over my pay is really beautiful. To an extent i lead my marriage into the problem we found ourselves i should have tried harder i should have not assumed that all was well when all indication showed that they weren’t. Honestly i owe my happiness and improved marriage life to Metod Acamu a spell caster that help get my wife back cos she was on the verge of leaving for another guy a fashion photographer. Now that i am thinking of it, she left me for the guy she was with him for months before metodo helped me with the spell that brought her back to me and my boys. I use to think money makes every woman stay but no she in are awesome nature proved me wrong. All she wanted was to be loved just as how she loved me and i failed. All those while i was at work all day long, she felt too lonely that she fell into the arms of the photographer. Her mind was made up she wanted a new life with the guy she was sure he would give to her all i could not give her. Every thing happened all of a sudden that i didn’t get a chance to try and fight for her she just left. I was glad she left my boys with me and was not going to war for custody of them at least it was way too early for that. For months i thought that i could leave without her as long as my boys were with me but we missed her mostly me. I never needed anybody the way i was in need of my wife to return back to me. We still talked during our short separation but each time i bring about us as a topic she always find an excuse to end everything. Honestly i don’t know if she was mad at me or she was no longer in love with me anymore. As scared as i was to loss her, i took a step to contact Metodo Acamu to help me get her back. I first heard about him on the internet there were quite a number of comment about him on blogs and even on Facebook so he just seemed like the perfect person to help me out with my problem at that moment in time and just as i thought , he was the right person. You may not all agree with my method but when you really desperate you can go to any length to get what you want. That was pretty much were i stood at that point in time. Metodo was wonder with me, he promised he was going to help me get her back and he did just that for me he was candid with me. He made it clear to me that he does not charge for anything he only need the materials he listed for me to get to enable him get the spell done and also told me it was almost going to be impossible for me to get the materials. Like he said the materials are not that way to force us to pay anything there are just want is needed and also you can bring the materials to his temple yourself or get the materials ever you are and mail them down to him or like me give him he money to get them which i promise you is less expensive and more stress free. All this happened few months back but now, my family is back together and we are happy just as we were before. You can also read all other comment on the internet about and how Metodo Has helped a lot of people. This was not written to make you contact him by force it just to share with whoever cares to read how i got back together with my wife and family but if you must contact him use this email { metodoacamufortressx at yahoo dot com } use this email in the standard email form. I kept it this way to enable comment here

    • Julie says:

      Spells do not work, it is only going to cause more problems. You need to fix what is going on inside of you and not depend or believe that someone casting a spell can fix your life.

  60. You Nightmare's Nightmare says:

    Well it sounds like this epidemic of worthless humanity which is plaguing our society needs to be stopped. It also sounds like the chances of being cured are pretty slim. Now I’m not no rocket scientist but I know that when a coyote comes into the hens nest and tries to devour the chickens, we reign a fury of complete madness on the son of a bitch since we dont have the luxury of trying to steer him of his ways. He’s a coyote and always will be. He dont belong in belong in my world and he will put down plain and simple if he crossed into my property. Just like the rejected pieces of pig shit that some of you honest women have endured unfortunately. If I discovered that my daughters endured the endured such heartache that you yall have gone through, the mans balls will be on my mantle next to my daughers pictures as a warning to respect humanity or get your balls removed. Ill let them live. Im not a monster. But the balls come off plain and simple. A man who acts like that to any woman, he dont deserve to have them. Said my peace. Guard yourselves. The wolves are out ont he prowl as we speak.

  61. Carol Thomas1 says:

    I met my husband in my first year of senior high. Its not like i met met him during my first year of being senior , it was more like we started dating during that period in time. It was the first time in my life i felt like my heart was going to explode when anyone touched me or kissed me. I knew i was in love with him and there was no way of saying that i wasn’t and i also believed that he loved me just as much as i loved him. In more sense i could mistake what we felt as something magical. We planned our lives together thinking and knowing we are going to be together forever and nothing was ever going to tear us apart. But life being as it is, we woke up and reality set in. Although this month made it the 9th year since we have being together, last year was brought us series of problems. Professionally, i am a medical doctor and he is an art painter so there is no way on earth i will always be around because its the nature of my profession. I always made sure i spend most of my free time with him and not friends. As much as i love him, i also love saving lives so it was so selfish to ask me to choose. I will never ask him to choose between me and his art work because i knew how much he loved painting and how much he loved me also. O well that is all history just wanted you all know what caused our problem. I can go on and on telling how selfish he was towards me and my profession but it will be pointless. In the end i found out he was seeing someone else even if we were still married. I only knew about three months after they started their affair. And his reason for cheating was that he needs closure that i made sure i gave each time i was home with him. All that needing of closure speech could also be rephrased as he was tired of us and needed someone new after eight years of been together. I wish i told him he was never going to see me again but it was the opposite he ended us there and then. Call me crazy or whatever, i knew in my heart that if i had let him go like that i would never had found love again. A spell caster called Metodo Acamu help me cast a spell to bring us back together. I know it sounds hypocritical to even mention i used a spell to get back together with my husband because for goodness sake i am a medical doctor and i should know better than that but it true along with every other testimony about Metodo Acamu spell you have all seen on the Internet. Like most of the testimonies you may have read, i never intended on contact a spell caster but desperation drove me to am only glad i contacted the right one. He only asked me to provide four materials that i can not disclose which i was to mail to him through DHL or UPS but i decided to just send the total cost to him Because firstly my job does not permit me the time secondly some of the materials where not even found here in Chicago or the united state as a whole while other did not just go down with me to actually send via mail. But i promise you his spell worked. We are more in love than ever before just like when we first started dating and our relationship is more healthier that it ever was. Its been six months since Metodo Acamu help me get back together with my husband and like i said his month made it our 9th year of being together. I will his email contact here for mailing purpose { metodoacamufortressx[AT]yahoo{DOT}com } note:use this email the way you use yours in the stand email format

  62. Fay says:

    I doubt who I am now since walking out of a 48 year long marriage to a sociopath. My children are grown and showing signs of similar behavior. Everyone loves this man, he is quiet, introverted, mild-mannered to the outside world. He has a brother with Schizophrenia and multiple personalities and I believe he’s a Sociopath too as he is one of the coldest, meanest men I know. The family shares history of being mean cruel people who show a charming side to the world. They have lots of friends who excuse any bad behavior of theirs. My X turned almost all my children against me even though they knew so much of his behavior. I was very good at hiding his abuse toward me and they jumped on his side accusing me of causing him to do the things he did. His drinking, his staying in bed all day sometimes for days, his suicidal thoughts and attempts at suicide were all my fault. We’ve been divorced 2 years now, he begs me to come back, saying really weird things that he hopes will get me to return to him. I’ve had to move to another state, lose everything I owned, been in shelters, homeless, stolen from and now deprived of the most important people in my life. My grandchildren and great granddaughters. Three of children won’t have any thing to do with me, so I am the one who has to pay for being selflessly devoted and patient with a man who should have been institutionalized for the majority of his life. He brainwashed me into thinking everything was my fault and now I don’t know how to heal myself, nor how to put everything into perspective. I suffer from real physical ill health my counselor tells me is brought on by the abuse I suffered at this man’s hands, emotional, mental, verbal and physical. PTSD, she diagnosed and that I am hyper-vigilant, unable to trust. All that plus I will probably never be able to move past the grief I struggle with for the loss of my family. I’m also old, 69 yrs old. I feel at times no will to live. I practice my religion honestly and it’s the only place I draw strength. But I still doubt myself and at times justify and even believe some of the things he said about me, and did to me. I wonder if I am beyond getting help during my lifetime. Maybe it went on too long and the damage is irreversible. Please don’t stay in a relationship as long as I did with a Sociopath! They will steal your soul if you let them!

  63. AC says:

    I have a female friend known her for 25 years and puzzled about her now. She has been married four times now dating a 55 year old and she is 72. She has known the man five days before bedding him.

    Her occupation is a Psyclolgist and I believe she uses this on people. People are in awe of her and welcome her in short order. She manipulates them and men give her expensive jewelry, money etc.

    I have seen her in temper, tells outrageous stories etc. I just do not understand how she does it. She cries at the drop of a hat to get sympathy or gets angry or changes the subject if she does not to answer a question.

    Over the years I love her as a friend but why does she carry on this way. I confused.


  64. mark bill says:


  65. Luaren Fisher1 says:

    There is a lot i have to say but i really don’t know were to start from. I guess i will have to build my story, that is life story form the begin but will try has much to make it short. I fell in love with my boyfriend Daxson about three years ago and since then we have being living together. We are not married or engaged because like he said he wanted to finish his med school and all that. I was not even bothered because we were in love and as long as there is love who really need marriage and somehow even with all the stress he was going through, he finds the time to make me feel loved always. He is literally the definition caring. But here is the twister i never knew or rather he never told me he was scared for being a father at least we never talk about it because it never crossed our mind and we always i mean always played it safe. I was on my pills and he always used protection. Like they say, i guess when its time its time like, i got pregnant. Looking at it then i will say, that was my greatest mistake in life only now i see a baby is really a blessing. Ok let me go back on track. When i told him about it, i couldn’t say he was happy or sad but he had an expression on his face like “de f*** i ve got med school and now this ?” but he assured me, it was fine and he was happy and we are going to do it together as a family and i wished all that where true. On my third trimester, he said to my face he was not ready to be a father and was not going to do it with me anymore and that he doesn’t think he is gonna be a good father. We all know its hard to believe soon we all gonna be parents but for real, it comes when we are not even prepared for it and all we can do then is accept it as it comes. I tried to make him see what he was doing to me and his baby i mean i loved him so much and i was the happiest woman alive to be carrying his child i just wished he was too. He was not even there to see his girl when she was born he just left me and our baby. I could not understand why i was just too heart broken knowing that he has been the only one in my life for three years and now he just left me with some silly excuse i could not understand. I literally became a single mom for four months before Metodo Acamu a witch doctor helped me get back the man i love. Its not like i couldn’t do it all alone i mean take care of my baby girl its just that i loved him so much that i could not leave without him and all i could think of was him. Even with all that happened i could not bring myself to hate him i was only heart broken and wished i could get him back. When i contact Motodo Acamu ,he asked me to get some materials of which he was going to use to prepare a spell that was coming to reunite me, Daxson and April my baby girl. I sent him the money for the materials because it was less stressful and he made me see he was an honest and truthful witch doctor. He helped me a lot, he sent a package to me which i paid for . He told me to burning the content of package with the incense he sent along with the content of the package and in seven days Daxson will be my one and only again. Just as Metodo Acamu said it happened. I can say i was surprise because i have never done this kind of thing before and i was not so sure how it will play out. Though i made Daxson beg, i had to let him into my life and that of April again because that was all i ever wanted. And the spell is totally safe like Metodo Acamu told me and the love is real because the spell only made him see how much i mean to him and how much his life revolves around April and i . Everyone has his or her own opinion about the witch doctor Metodo Acamu but for me he is the reason my family is complete and happy if you want to Contact him use this email
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    I don’t know…this kind of makes me feel like because I’m a flighty mooch that I’m a sociopath. Lol. Does feeling bad about it cut all the other signs?

    And why would anyone tell you about the shitty stuff they’ve done in their past?

    I get this is a real thing, my exh is an alcoholic and exhibits a lot of these symptoms..just not sure if it’s the alcoholism and ptsd type issues he has. But geez.

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