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Day 2 of the Detox! A Foodie Blogger Gets Hungry… and PMS


Today has been interesting. Last night BOTH Stephen and Samira were up all night violently ill. I’m really hoping this is unrelated to the shakes they’ve been drinking on our end, and is just something going around. Either way, I’m encouraging both of them to spend some serious time getting healthy and re-visiting this experience with me in the Spring. They’re both being pretty resistant to my suggestion (damn stubborn motivated people!) but I’m hoping that’s the route they’ll choose.

(Side note: Samira wrote an amazing blog post on her own blog last night – I think pre-puking – that everyone needs to read: Stuck on the wrong side of a rom-com ending)

On my end, I’m fucking hungry. I dreamt about cheese last night, and would pay way too much money for a glass of wine right now. That aside, I had an insanely productive day (a few passing headaches and one co-worker telling me I look “tired as shit and am getting sick and should go home” .. hey, I’m detoxing bud!), felt really focused, had a great workout tonight, and am actually feeling alright tonight besides the fact that I appear to be way too attached to my meals and want to cry until someone gives me some wine and cheese. But, want to be crazy jealous of me for a second? Chase is following along with me because he knows if he’s eating good food I’ll cave. So, even though he isn’t the one that got us into this mess he’s totally sucking it up and being hungry and going to the gym with me. I told him not to. He insisted on supporting me through this even though he’s cranky. HE INSISTS ON SUPPORTING ME. Am I the luckiest girl on the planet or what? I love him. So much. That needs to be said.

So, tonight, since I’m a mess and my other detoxies are dying (I love you guys!! Drink water and take care of yourselves! SCREW THE DIET!) we’re going to focus on the beautiful foodie blogger Ms Meghan Bassett, who sent me an email yesterday about her “why” and an email today about getting through day 2 with PMS. She’s a stronger woman than I am, guys. Here we go!


Letter #1 from Meghan, 11 hours ago: end of day 1 – Her “Why”

Basically, my goal for this whole detox is to get back on the healthy eating/living bandwagon that I was on earlier this summer. I am hoping this detox will be a good starting point for that.
So far…. the detox isn’t too terrible! lol My first impression of the shakes wasn’t great because the texture really didn’t sit well with me. But after adding extra water I got the shake to a perfect consistency. The good thing is the shakes and the bars are very filling. However, I was realllllllly hungry last night around 8:30. So instead of giving up and going for a piece of bread, I just went to sleep. That was the perfect solution! Especially since watching my favorite food shows was becoming especially painful to watch…. :(
This morning, I am feeling good. I don’t notice a huge change in my energy level yet but the real test will be later this afternoon when I have my usual crash. I still find myself craving carbs (that’s going to be my real weakness for the next 4 days) but I am fighting through it. I might be going crazy by Thursday…. To fight the cravings, I am actually planning out exactly what I will eat on Friday as a reward. I am not planning on stuffing my face and ruining everything I do during this detox but being able to say, I will have a piece of toast with jam for breakfast on Friday helps me through the rough spots.
Oh and the REALLY great part of this detox is that I am already becoming thankful for the food I usually eat when I DIET. I think dieting after the detox will be a lot easier than just going straight into a huge diet.
So yea, that’s my life right now. At this very moment, I am not hungry and I have no cravings. So yay!!!
Letter #2 from Meghan, 7 hours ago: middle of day 2 – Coping with PMS

So it is Day 2. Of 5. Thankfully, getting through the next three days of shakes and protein bars and fruit and NO WINE doesn’t seem like the absolute end of the world. For now…

I will admit, as a foodie, this is not an easy task for me. I mean, I LIVE for food. It is my life. I read about it, write about it, cook it, bake it, watch TV shows and movies about it, photograph it, and obsess over it on a daily basis. I can’t make it one day without consuming some sort of carbohydrate. Or chocolate. Yet here I am committing 5 days to clean eating. Why? Because I need to do something to offset the massive food consumption lingering in my future as the end of the year approaches. More seriously, I need to get back to feeling good about what I am putting in my body. In other words no more overeating, no more hitting the snooze button to avoid a workout, no more mindless snacking when I am not even hungry.

Going into this detox, I was super excited to get back on track.

Then I looked at my calendar this morning and realized what week it is. Not only is Christmas coming up (my all-time favorite holiday which involves ridiculous amounts of baking), I am officially entering my PMS Hell Week. And I am only on Day 2 of this detox. The future is not looking good for me. Or my hubby. Or anyone else who chooses to interact with me for the next 3 days.

My PMS Hell Week comes like clockwork every month. It starts off with extreme bloating for about a day or so. Then I move into a full week of terrible cravings for chocolate and anything involving carbs and butter and salt. I usually feed the cravings with any leftover candy and chocolate chips I can get my hands on and balsamic butter noodles. And bread. Lots of bread. Every month it comes and every month I have to feed my cravings or I feel like my head is going to explode.

Do you know how difficult this is going to be?? REALLY REALLY REALLY difficult. REALLY.

I am trying to get myself in a better mindset before the cravings hit to combat them, but, as many of you ladies know, these efforts are usually all in vain. So my stubbornness is my only salvation now. The stubborn streak that comes with my PMS Hell Week better work in my favor because I am pretty damn determined to get through this detox without cheating. And without going completely insane.

I just wish the candy sitting on our secretary’s desk would stop staring at me….



Need more Meghan in your life? I always do. Luckily for you, she’s a blogging fool (like me!) you can visit her personal blog- A Time For Renewal, her recipe site (which I can’t look at right now because I’m so hungry I’ll cry) Cake n Knife, or her (very intense but fascinating) blog on trafficking issues – Buried Truths.

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